Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

As I mentioned last week, I have a LOT of different scrapbooks.

One for each of the kids: Ashlea has 2 because I actually completed the first few years of her life

Kori, Kati, Millicent, and Asa (for a total of 6)

Jeff has one

I have an All About Me album

We have our engagement album (which is finished)

Our wedding album

Our pets album

Our family album

Storm chasing album

A funny gift album

How many scrapbooks do you have?


Kim said...

I have:
0-12 months for each of the kids (3)
Birthday scrapbook for each (2 so far)
Wedding scrapbook
3 for my growing up years
1 for my 1998 mission trip
11 family scrapbooks (2001-2007)

So...that's 21 total.

Michelle said...

NO WAY!!!!! That's a LOT!

Lily said...

Interesting question

my daughter has 17
my son has 11
family albums 12
me albums-4


I have been scrapping for 10 years so it's not as bad as it sounds

Lily said...

oh, by the way to check blogs on 2peas just click on the link in poster's signatures

thediaperdiaries said...

Absolutely none. I don't think anyone would want to see a scrapbook I would make :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tara H. said...

I only currently have one.

I have done several in the past but those memories are boxed up! So, with my new family, we have only one and it is about our times together as a family.

Hope to make more...but where is the time?! :)

Jo said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle! I am so impressed that you can scrapbook! I do good to keep up with pictures on the computer. We don't have a single scrapbook of anything!!!