Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Must Have Baby Product suggested we write about our must have baby product. She really likes My Breast Friend. I have to say, I want one too.

For me I can't do without my baby wearing devices; slings, mei ties, wraps. I love all the different fabrics and colors. I like the different positions. I love having my baby so near to me.

Having my hands free to do other things is great. Plus my arms dont get tired holding him all over the place.

Supposedly you can nurse discreetly in them too. I've only done so once or twice and only in my Maya Wrap.

Here is a picture of Asa in my Sleepy Wrap.


Christy said...

cool i did not know you had a blog!! ;)

Michelle said...

hey girl! Figured you'd see it on Jeff's blog.

Christy said...

nahh i don't really go to jeff's blog to much usually just when i see something about new pictures lol so yeahhh you got your own i actually really love having my blog!! well i better go the weather is getting UGLY!! TTYL ;)