Monday, August 25, 2008

Money Saving Monday

We switched over to cloth products in the kitchen as a way to save money, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. It's really quite easy to do. The last thing to go was the napkins, because I didnt know what I would drain greasy foods on if I got rid of them.

I had been buying pretty table cloths (on clearance of course) (here is a good choice) and matching napkins (these match) for a while and had a nice selection. But we were still using paper napkins. So it was really easy to just use up the last of the napkins and use the cloth in their place. The bonus was that the dining room looked really pretty and the girls enjoyed setting the table.

Instead of using paper towels to dry our hands we used hand towels like these .

Then instead of sponges we used wash cloths, like this pack.

Lastly, the hardest thing to get rid of was that roll of paper towels. But as long as we had them for necessity, they were being used for everything, which wasnt saving me much money. So I used the last of them and didnt buy any more. We started using the hand towels for greasy stuff. It worked better anyway!!!

So that was our transition to cloth products in the kitchen. From paper towels alone we started saving over $50 a year, plus the savings from sponges and napkins. It all adds up.


Christy said...

i use paper bags greasy stuff at the commissary they have paper or plastic so i just get the paper and use them for fried food and trash bags i am afraid to use cloth rags for greasy stuff cause i do not want to ruin my washer

Michelle said...

No problems with it in my washer. You should try it.

Mother Hen said...

You, officially, have my attention. You got some great deals on your tablecloth etc. We are also switching to cloth stuff, although I also hate to give up the paper napkins. I mean we use like 200 a week, so I should probably say, Yikes, we use 200 a week. But I'm intimidated by the idea of washing a drying and folding even 100. I'm sure our usage would drastically reduce, but still. ? And did I miss it? Did you solve the draining greasy stuff issue?

Mother Hen said...

Also, I tried to subscribe to your blog and bloglines is telling me, "She no worky."