Tuesday, August 26, 2008

County Fair

We had exciting news in our house this past week. Kori had been thinking about the county fair since we got a brochure on the things you could enter, last year. So as the fair got closer she started making things to enter. When I gave her the brochure with all the entries she had quite a few made.

I decided I would enter a few things too, and before we knew Kati was thinking about it as well.

Kori entered a stuffed bear, a "stained glass" picture, a pop-up book (that she made), and an ink well with paper that she created.

Kati entered two things she made at VBS, a fish made with pipe cleaners and a picture frame with a magnet attached, then a picture she had colored and a stuffed frog.

I entered a scrapbook page, a picture, and 3 jars of canning.

You could only enter one thing in each spot. So the lady assisting Kati really helped her to organize her entries so she could get them all in, which helped me with Kori.

Our prizes: Kori won two 1st prizes, for her stuffed bear and pop up book.
Kati won 2nd prize for her stuffed frog.
I won 1st on my peach butter and my apples. (I was the only one entered...but hey, it's $4.00.)

It was really exciting to enter. The girls totally enjoyed themselves and felt a sense of satisfaction entering stuff, and especially winning. I encourage you to enter catagories in the fair with your children. Call it a field trip if you homeschool and have the day off.

Pictures to come.

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