Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Canned Apples

I had so much fun yesterday with a friend. We canned apples all day. First time to ever can anything. I have to admit that it was a ton of work, but I felt like I had accomplished a lot.

On Sunday, the girls and I went to Mimi's to pick apples off the tree. That turned out to be harder than we anticipated. So the men came and shook the apples off the trees. We gathered three and a half bags of apples, but almost all of them were full of worm holes and bad spots. That's what you get when you have organic trees (thanks Hal!). We weren't sure how many apples we would end up with. My friend Amy was still on board.

We left fairly early yesterday morning with all our canning supplies and showed up at Amy's house. She furnished the canner, all the accessories and the house. We peeled and cut apples half the day. There was lots of stopping because of Asa. And frankly, those apples weren't in the best condition and took a lot of work.

We ended up with six jars of canned apples and 4 jars of apple butter. When I left Amy to go have dinner with the family, she still had a big bowl of apples left. She was going to make apple butter with it and didn't need my help.

What this taught me is that I'm ready to work like this during the summer to put up foods for the winter. AND that it's most fun to do it with a friend. I CANNOT wait to can some peaches. I'm not sure if the product outweighs the work, but the feeling of satisfaction can't be bought at the store.

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