Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nine days till Christmas-Share please

While we decorated the tree, Jerusha climbed the stairs.  If we don't keep a sharp eye on her she will climb, and climb, and climb, and keep climbing till she gets to the end--the top floor.  And yes, that has happened.  Oh my goodness. Give a mother a heart attack.  She loves the stairs.  She also has eight teeth coming in.  EIGHT.  I have a teething necklace for her.  Either that things works or she is the most docile child ever.  She has been a little more clingy than usual.  But not one complaint about her mouth. EIGHT teeth, all at once.

Today's Advent:

Ice cream day

You may choose between a sundae, banana split or root beer float.


Let someone play with your toys.

We do sometimes have problems with sharing.  Millicent will share just about anything with anybody, unless she's mad at you.  Asa does okay, sometimes.  But never, ever, ever his tractor (which we replaced with a hot wheels type of ride on toy.)  So this day will stretch some of our a good way!

There's his tractor his Mimi got him.  We don't mention the tractor.  It makes him cry.  It breaks my heart.

And thank you Earth While for sponsoring today's post.  I had a look around over there and OF COURSE I love everything.  They are UK based and eco friendly.  There are so many awesome things I can barely narrow it down to several I want to show you.  But since it's Christmas, and like me, you are probably toy shopping, here are some of favorite toys. Be sure to check them out!

I try to always buy wooden toys and these pull along turtles are just too cute.

This precious Ballerina rag doll would be loved and cared for in our home.  Bonus that she's a ballerina.  Does anyone else have a daughter who loves ballet but doesn't take it?

This Penguin LED torch would be fantastic in my house.  I'm going to order some now and pray they get here by Christmas.  It's amazing.  I saw some a LONG time ago and wished and wished I had ordered them then.  Even Jeff wanted me to get one so he could see how it worked.  Well I don't know how it works.  But they are cute and should last a really long time. (Updated:  Drats!  They don't ship to Singapore.  They do ship to the US.)


Yara said...

Gonna check the link in a bit.

But, I've been telling you about teething necklaces for, um… 4 years! Glad it's working *just like I said it would*
: P

Michelle G said...

wish someone had told me 4 (or 24) years ago about teething necklaces!
I got one a week or so ago for our littlest who has been miserable - (he too did all 8 in a row but he started at 3 months!!)
He looks like some little surfer dude with the diaper and neclace thing going on - lol
but there is a HUGE difference!
P.S. to my hubby who LAUGHED at me for "FALLING FOR IT" and buying one....yeah...that having to admit it was working was tough huh? LOL ;)