Friday, December 17, 2010

Eight days till Christmas-Remember Me

I love that song.

It's almost Christmas. I can't wait. Every year I think to myself that this year will be the best Christmas ever, and it is!

But really, this year will be!

Usually I wrap each persons presents in a particular wrapping paper so at a glance you can see who has what.  But this year, I couldn't find wrapping paper in different styles. So I had to use name tags. How sad.  I have a friend who used a complex number system that only she knows so that her kids couldn't figure out what belonged to whom.  Haha!  That makes me laugh.

You may remember Christmas mornings just being a blur of wrapping paper and squeals of delight but not really getting to enjoy each person opening their presents.  I have a remedy for that.  We start by drawing slips of paper.  The person who gets a star gets to unwrap the first present.  They can pick whatever they want.  They pick the next person and pick out one of their presents.  And so on down the line. Let me tell you, Christmas morning goes on and on.  We have to take breaks. 


Memories night

Watch home movies, look at pictures and baby books, tell stories.

This is a new one for this year but I'm sure it will be my favorite.

No blessing today as we haven't done Advent yet.

But I do have some pictures for you:

This sculpture is called Fat Lady ballet.  And if I had $65 spare dollars I would have bought it for Jeff, because...because just look at it.  I would make him put it on his desk at work.  Oh man.  

Here is a Mexican plate, chicken enchiladas.  The best I've ever had. Seriously. Who knew all the good food was in Singapore?  Seriously, there is always something to do here.  The one complaint I have about the restaurants is no free refills. They are cans of soda.  AND they charge anywhere from $3-$8 PER CAN.  Each can.  No matter how thirsty you are.  The only exception I've found was the Hard Rock Cafe.  They actually have a soda dispenser there.

More of our winter wonderland.  And miscellaneous paraphernalia that I probably should have cleared away before snapping the picture. 

Okay, so what do you notice about this store?

Yep, that's the name.  Oh my.

Thank you Zappos.  Everyone has shopped there right?  Let's see what I love:

Look at these Burberry Check Boots.  Sweet!

Ankle rain boots.  Too cute!


Rebecca Jo said...

That lamp is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Yara said...

Every year I fail at doing advent activities. The kids have been enjoying the chocolate (tiny little chocolate) from the TJs calendar. Yesterday we watched Elf.
I figured out why, though. It's Kevin's birthday. I have a birthday thrown in there, and it throws me off of Christmas stuff. Oh well.

I want to open presents like you do. I don't foresee that happening if my mother is here, though. And I don't see any way of keeping her away. Asking her not to come is so unChristmasy, you know?
Plus Christmas day I kinda agreed to hang out with the extended family.

I know my mom got my kids way too much junk, and I'm already annoyed. They don't need more toys (besides the ones I got them, which is a small stuffed toy each; a Paddington Bear for Lisa, a gingerbread girl for Lorelei, and Mario for Kevin)
I asked her to give the girls their Disneyschool classes, she didn't. I said a pass to the Discovery science center would be nice, I'm sure she ignored that, too. What did I see at her house? A barbie with a car.
Do… not… need. Grrr.

Wow, I'm sorry. I'm really having a grinchy day.

Yara said...

Oh man, all I was gonna say is how those boots with the stars would look adorable with my skinny jeans.
I had 2 pairs, but Lisa messed up one pair by filling it with wood chips I can't get out (I tried) and the other pair, one somehow got thrown in the washer, and it shrunk. Just one boot. I thought I was going to have to cut it off of my foot when I wore it. It was scary.
I need a new pair.