Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent day five-What's for dinner?

If you have a second I've added Asa's Jingle Bell dance.  Prepare to laugh as he gets mad because we are still singing when he is done dancing. 

Tonight is a red and green dinner.  We found some tri colored pasta and some tomato bread.  We'll add in some green side dishes.

You could do:
green beans
pasta sauce

Would love to hear what you come up with.

Blessing jar:

Pay a compliment to each person.  (This did come with the definition of a compliment.)

The elf mischief was wonderful.  Jeff had so much fun setting it up.  (Don't let him fool you into thinking he's always a scrooge.)  We had bites missing and feet print in the marshmallows. The ENTIRE bag was eaten by the kids this morning.  It was great.  Mill is a little concerned today about some weird elf walking around our house so I explained that the elf isn't real, just to make sure she knows that. 

Our craft for today is to make a Christmas book.  I took two 12 X 12 white scrapbooking pages and let the kids decorate them.  On the inside we'll add typing paper.  We'll bind it together by "sewing" string through it.

We'll use it for writing down memories.  The girls are most excited about keeping the elves mischief in there.

I found this awesome Christmas lapbook at Currclick. I'm this close to buying it.  It's not like I need it but it would warrant taking an extra week off school to do.  So we'll see.  In the meantime, see it here.  

How is your holiday planning going?


Yara said...

Ok, you being in singapore is throwing me off!
Moving on...
I remembered to let the kids open the little box on the trader joes calendar thing today. They were excited.
I started sewing, so we didn't do anything else advent related, but I should do better tomorrow for day 4. Green & red. I can do that.

Michelle G said...

Bustin a move for sure! :)
Too funny - "I have stopped dancing...the music should stop!" and red....
Other than m&m's i'm drawing a complete blank - can you tell i'm dieting? lOL

Michelle G said...

Now...I'll admit I'm not a huge "martha fan" but I think I love these!

I say add bits of red and green pepper in for the color theme - and make HOT SNOWFLAKES for dinner ;)