Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A night to remember-and a giveaway

First, our winner is entry number three, KARA!!!!  Kara, come on down. You're the next contestant on the Blessed Quiver Blog.  Okay, taking it too far.  But you did win.  And I'm very happy for you.  I need your address!!

Have you heard of Zestra?  Well, stick around because I have some to giveaway.

Disclaimer:  My daughter, Ashlea, and my Uncle Roy, STOP READING.  Hannah, you must stop also until you are married.  This post will be rated R. 

I love my husband.  He's amazing. One really special thing about my husband is that even though he has a higher sex drive than me, he understands when my libido goes to zero after the birth of a baby.

Some may be okay with not having sex very often in a marriage, especially at times like this, when we are busy and tired and FAT.  But I'm not.  I want to please my husband in every way.  And not just with laundry and food.

So it was with that intent that I began praying for God to change my libido.  To make me desire sex more in this time in my life.  This is not the first time I've prayed this prayer, after the birth of babies.

He answered my prayer ABUNDANTLY.  And now I want to share with you how He did that.

First, I found an amazing book called Sheet Music.

This book set my mind at ease about asking for what I want.  As hard as it is to believe I never realized...  okay, I KNEW, but I just didn't know it was okay....that it takes me longer to get aroused than it does Jeff.  And because it does I can expect a little more...you know, a little more, whatever.  And that I should NEVER feel bad for that extra ten, twenty or thirty minutes.  I should ask for what I want.  And expect it.  More so, he even enjoys it.  WHO KNEW?  Did you?  Cause someone should have told me sooner.

If you don't know.  Let me tell you.

Women, it takes us longer.  It's OKAY, and warranted, to ask for more.  To expect more.  To get more.  And more is whatever you want!  And he likes it. He really likes it.

A warm bath, a back rub, holding hands, kissing, holding.  Whatever it is that you like.  You deserve it.  You need it.  You should have it.

I never knew.

I mean, I knew. But I didn't know it was okay.  Now you have my permission.  And isn't that all you need?

So as I was reading this book I came across an awesome site during the UBP.  The name of the blog is Diaper Diaries but what I found had NOTHING to do with diapers.  She had done a 1 Cor 7:5 challenge. (Look it up!) 

THEN while I was reading Sheet Music and the first challenge from Diaper Diaries, I was sent Zestra to try out.  God began a mighty work in me.

The first challenge on Diaper Diaries was to buy some new panties.  BUT I wasn't going to wear panties anywhere except under my clothes.

Here is a little insight into Michelle.  (I like talking about myself in the third person.)

I've been married to Jeff for almost six years.  I don't think he's ever seen me all the way naked.  If he comes into the room while I'm changing, I go into the bathroom.  I always have sex with the lights off. (Are a bunch of pervs going to come over to my blog now that I've said sex?)  I don't like my body and I can't imagine how he could. So I just never let him see it.

I asked Jeff to buy me some panties.  Good call.

While he was on a search I moved to the next task.  Have sex with the lights on.  WHAT????  I'm not doing that. A candle maybe.

THEN I read in Dr. Leman's book that  men are visual.  I knew that.  Sorta.  But while reading this all together, along with the challenge, God revealed to me that Jeff would find me appealing even though I was huge.

So guess what I did?

I told him what I wanted and surprised him.  Dr. Leman suggested both.

I told him I wanted a warm bath and some romantic music and then a back rub.

I came in with nothing but my panties on, WITH the light on (the closet light, not the overhead light), while holding a lit candle.

I asked Jeff about it the next day and it was all he could think about.

(I'm on to something here.)

The Zestra has to be applied early because it takes a few minutes to begin working.  But once it does the sensation is pretty nice.  It's tingly and warm.  The more you rub it around, the nicer it feels. It slowly builds in intensity.  Just about the time you think you might be ready is when it reaches its peak.  NICE!  It continues to tingle and warm and just all around feel great for a while.  I wiped it off when I was done and it cleaned off and stopped tingling. So don't worry about that.

I've got my husbands attention.  Now how do I make myself want to do this more often?

It's just God.

I do want to now.  I know Jeff has been praying too.  But I think it has a lot to do with my "tool chest" of ideas I've got planned.

And hey, get this, the more I have sex with Jeff the sweeter he is.  And ladies, he was always sweet.  Now he can't keep from holding my hand and rubbing my shoulders and watching TV with me afterward.  WHAT?  It's what I like.

The book has some fantastic ideas to heat things up.  I can't tell you the next thing I'm going to do with Jeff because he reads my blog, but GET THE BOOK. You won't be sorry.  And do the challenges on the Diaper Diaries. I'm moving on to the third. But don't hesitate to email me and tell me how you are doing.  (She never replied to my comments but I would love to work through this with you.)

It's fun. Sex can and should be fun.

My challenge to you today, especially if you have a lower libido right now, call/email/text/fax your man at work and tell him you need a hot bath after the kids are in bed.  That after that you would like a back rub (insert what you like here).  Show up in nothing but panties.  I know it's scary if you've never done it before. But ladies, he's not looking at the stretch marks.  REALLY! Trust me.  (If he was, Jeff wouldn't have had sex with me.)  He's feasting his eyes and thinking how lucky he is that he's about to get lucky.  You can do this!  Thank me later.

I'm scheduling my time with Jeff from now on. And a lot of the times I'm going to tell him early on in the day what I want so he can think about it all day. Men love that. Well let's be serious, men love sex, no matter when or how. But lets make it fun for them!

Would you like to try some Zestra?  I have two sample packages to give out.  (Each contain two, one time use packages.)

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Kara said...

1. YES!!!! I won, I won!!!! Woot!

2. Ok, I'm so happy that you are taking strides and doing things outside of your comfort zone. It is hard, as I have learned in the last 2 months but we HAVE to do it if we want things to be all that they can. It's funny that the more you do and see how much he loves it... the more you want to do! There is no greater feeling that knowing you have pleased your man. Like you said.. not only with food and a clean house or laundry... :)
Good job, Michelle!!!
And yes, I'm one of those pervs that will be visiting more often now that you said "sex". LOL!!!

P.S. Have you watched those episodes yet?

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Pick me! ;o)

Love your blog Michelle! I hope you keep doing the exercise challenges. The kids and I have been following along.

mavoss@ yahoo. com

Jamie said...

Oh, I love the book Sheet Music. I read it a couple of years ago, but I'm thinking I need to read it again (wink, wink).

I'll have to look up the Diaper Diaries. If it's as good as you say, well, then I'll be an even happier woman!

Thanks for opening yourself up and sharing.

Stacey said...

I would love to give this stuff a try. They got me when they said something about botanicals :)

Milburns' said...

you silly woman... I have been telling you this all along!!!! SOOO thankful and praiseful that you have found it!!!!!!!!! Sex is a BEAUTIFUL thing between married people.... Honestly I can even say its a time of worship to the Lord for Jerry and I now these days... I have actually uttered praises and thanks to Jesus during as I realize it's not just about husband and wife and that bond but ALSO the bond of one flesh WITH God!

SOOO happy for you dear sister!!!

Unknown said...

WOW...boy did I come over on a good day! This book actually sounds fascinating. I have a friend who swears her marriage is happy because they have lots of sex...and I can imagine...hubby is in a better mood when it happens. You did a great job relating this story to your own life.

Thanks for stopping by for SITS Day (last week)!
504 Main

L Harris said...

I'd love to win! Will be reading more!

Anonymous said...

ummmm...too many details! I didn't get past the first paragraph out of respect for you and Jeff!!!! It just felt wrong reading about your sex life!!!! so after reading everyones comments, I guess ths is a good book? maybe you could send me the very undetailed version of whta you just wrote on your blog?!


Kelly said...

There is this party called "Pure Romance" they sell lots of stuff. They have this powder that is called "Cotten Candy" you use this feather to put it where you want the attention and tell him to start say at the ear and follow the tasty trail. Then you get all the attention in your most favorite places ;)

Unknown said...

The Zestra sound great! I could use that!

Okie Rednecks said...

I am going to strive to do more for my husband! I know that I am tired and don't want to but I need to learn to be more willing! hope I win!!!

Okie Rednecks said...

I tweeted too!!! I will keep tweeting today also! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad things are working out for you now!! I love sending my hubs dirty texts while he's at work. It really helps ME get in the mood too. I remember what it was like after the baby was born and so does my husband. I'll get the book before the next one so I can make it a little better for both of us!

Unknown said...

I like that Zestra is Hormone Free.

Mom's Place said...

Zestra sounds interesting!

[johannah.] said...

Oh, Michelle.
When will you learn that the words "Hannah, don't read this" are like a vision magnet?
A post this long, I probably would have skipped.
Oh no. Not now. Now I know more than I had bargained to.