Monday, April 26, 2010

The Biggest Loser-We meet again

Have you weighed yet?  Get in there and weigh.

Our pot is up to $25 and this:

One of our contestants donated it.  She thinks she's going to win, so why not?

If you've thought about playing and have decided not to then I have something to say to you.  LOTS.

I know losing weight is hard.  Hey, I'm doing it too.

I know you've probably tried a thousand times to lose weight in a thousand different ways; the celery diet, low carbs, high carbs, spinach for breakfast, ice cream for breakfast, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Michael Somebodyorother, chocolate, oranges. Okay, so I made most of that up.  But you know what I mean.  You've tried it all.

And failed.

So why try again?

I'm not telling you how to lose the weight.  I'm telling you to lose the weight.

Why?  Why do I even care?  Why am I trying to make you feel guilty about the weight?  (I'm not.  If you are feeling guilty it's your own guilty conscience.)

I care because you are important.

Your family needs you to live long and prosper.  I know that's off Star Trek but it fits here.

Your family wants you to walk and run and play and shop and not be tired all the time.

So does God.

His word says that our bodies are His temple.  Your body and your life is a testimony of His love.

What are you feeding His temple?  Are you drawing people to you by the way you look?  By the way you act?  By the way you speak?

The end of Philippians 3 says:  "Join with others in following my example, brothers, and take note of those who live according to the pattern we gave you....many live as enemies to the cross. Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame.  Their mind is on earthly things.  And we eagerly await a savior...who will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body."

See?  Join with others.  That's me.  And the rest of us.  All 21 of us!

So you've done this before and never lost a pound.  That doesn't mean you stop trying.  That means you do something  different.

Make small changes.  Last week we threw away ONE thing from our cabinets that we knew was bad for us.  This week stop drinking sodas.  ALL sodas, including diet.  Diet soda is not good for you.  Water is.  Ice cold water can actually HELP you lose weight.  You burn calories when you drink it.  So drink it.

Secondly, move.  If you normally park close to where you are going, park far away.  Something small.  Work out by swimming or walking or doing squats.  OR BETTER YET, join us each day in our challenges.

To lose weight you have to consume fewer calories....which means you have to write down what you are eating.  To find out what you should be eating multiply your weight times seven.  That is how much you'll need to lose weight.  You'll need to WRITE IT DOWN.  Trust me.  It helps.  You will surprise yourself by how much you eat and how many calories you are eating. You don't even have to exercise to lose weight if you consume fewer calories.  But you will feel better if you do. Start small.

Now, I know I've talked you into joining us.  It's for your health; it's for your testimony; it's for your family; it's for the Lord; it's for fun; it's for the money.

Send me your weight.  Take some before pictures.  Take  your measurements.  JOIN US.

Now get those weights in for the week.  I can't wait to weigh myself today.

I'll update as new weights come in.

Sandy           2.55%
Amy             1.70%
Kelly 1         1.12%
Me               1.09%
Kelly 2           .66%
Carolyn          .55%

Don't forget to enter my giveaways.  Mother's Day is coming up and that ring would make a great present.


Kelly said...

150.0 - today's weight in :)

Livinginlilliput said...

hey Michelle! :)

After baby # 10 (my last one) I lost 75lbs by doing weight watchers. After this baby is born at 7 weeks pp I am starting weight watchers back up and getting to pre pregnancy weight again..

I haven't gone more than 4 days late with any baby and only 2 days early so right around due date.

Jenners said...

You are very very inspiring. More than anything, I want to lose weight to be healthy so I can be there for my child for as long as possible. I like your incremental approach. I think that one problem with diets is that too much change at once can be too much and too overwhelming. I find that if I don't buy it, I can't eat it and that helps tremendously. I've also been focusing on walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I'm on week 3 and I find myself actually looking forward to my walks!