Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent - 7 Days left

My readers are sweet...or really stupid. Okay, sweet. Yesterday I had the number of days until Advent wrong and nobody said anything...nobody wanted to make me feel stupid, right? You guys are sweet.

Today's advent activity:

Picnic in the living room

I'm not sure why the kids think this is so special. We do occasionally eat pizza in the living room for movie night, so it's not like they've never done it. But they like it, so we continue it.

I have well over half my presents wrapped and ready to go. So yes, I was criticizing you yesterday and I wasn't done myself. It's my blog, I can do that.

Our awards night did not go quite as planned. We organize it in such a way that we anticipate everyone will get an award. And so far, every year, each person has gotten more than one award. It's never happened that someone has not gotten one. But this year we had lots of ties. Could be because Millicent's method of voting had a lot less to do with who actually deserved the award and more to do with whose lap she was sitting on...and using that persons name until we told her she couldn't anymore. Just sayin'.

You are only aloud to vote for each person three times. So what ends up happening is that you have some throw away votes. Meaning, when you get to the cleanest teeth, you may only have two people to choose from, neither of whom regularly brush their teeth. But you have to use the vote that you have left. So sometimes the best artist doesn't get the best artist award. But the person who does win, still feels good because they don't know that they got three throw away votes. They just think they are really good at art.

We had to devise it this way because we have a child who really isn't very good at anything: good attitude, clean room, clean clothes...none of them.

Maybe next year I'll start a new category just for this child: biggest frown, person who can make everyone upset the quickest, least likely to help out, loudest cry. There you go. Now that person can win something next year.

Okay, so I'm (mostly) kidding. (About those awards.) But not about how hard it is to vote for one particular person in our family who is mostly a sour puss. But you know what, we sure had a good laugh (at her expense). Okay, well not exactly at....I said her, but what I really meant was that person....that persons expense, because that person didn't realize we were laughing at them.

My hope is always that someone will get seriously pumped about winning some awards and start bathing every day. But no one does.

I'm not going to tell who won what because that would give away who didn't win anything.

If you decide to do an award night in your home, give me the list of awards and prizes so maybe I can add to mine next year. And if you figure out a foolproof method to ensure that even the sour pusses get an award, please let me know.


Unknown said...

I just love the award night idea. And sadly, I wasn't the person who excused your mistake on the # of days left in advent...I was one who missed it completely. But I have baby brain, so I should get a pass.

Mom's Place said...

I didn't even notice! But then again, my 6 year old JUST remembered to take rings off of her countdown. She took 2 off. I had to take another 3 off because we keep forgetting!

Stephanie Faris said...

What a great idea! Of course, that would require having more than one child... We just have my boyfriend's daughter and our dog! I would think the sourpuss would eventually get competitive and try to win something.

Helen said...

I'm waiting, juuuust waiting for your post about Survivor. I know it's coming, lol, I just know it.

Merry Christmas!!

lemonologie said...

This is a great idea!