Friday, June 26, 2009

11 weeks, 2 days: Pregnancy update

1. The right eye.
2. epithelial plugs in nostrils
3. palm of left hand
4. thenar eminence

I'm going to dish on my pregnancy and in return I want the dirt on yours. And if you are trying to conceive, then I want that news too. Like, how many times you took a test this week....or the "symptoms" you think you have.

I'm feeling almost human again. I want to have twins but since I'm feeling almost normal now I'm thinking I'm not having twins. Don't twins sound fun? Double your fun for half the work? Or do I have that backwards? Double the work for half the fun? No, I liked it better the other way.

I'm still pretty tired a lot of the time. But now I can do a load of laundry without sitting down for two hours. Yes, I was that exhausted. Now I just take a nap and go to bed at 10 and I'm fine. Of course, Asa is sleeping most of the night, even all night sometimes, and that helps me to not feel so tired.

Food is still not on my list of favorite things to do. Most food just doesn't appeal...but I am getting my appetite back a little. I'm not as nauseous and that helps A LOT. Mostly now it's at night...which is much more doable. (A wonderful company sent me some morning sickness remedy so I'm giving it a try and will have a giveaway in the next week.) But every day a little something else appeals to me. Today I threw up for the first time...SMELLS. They get me every time. Anyone else get attacked by some strange leftover scent in the kitchen and hurl everything. (While you are it, who wets their pants when they throw up? I can honestly say I did not this morning. YEA ME! I had just emptied my bladder, thankfully.)

What have you bought for the baby lately? I bought two onsie shirts. One is a collared shirt and the other was a onsie that had a blue "boy" sign on it. Yep, I'm expecting a boy. No, I haven't had a sonogram...I won't get one. But I want a boy and so far I've gotten what I've wanted every single pregnancy. Don't you think that trend should continue? Then last week I bought a cute little duckie robe and a duckie pajama outfit. Why do perfectly educated women go from calling ducks duckies when they are pregnant or have new babies? How about stomach to belly or tummy? What happens to us?

Still haven't felt the baby move...but is it just me or does every little twitch make you sit real still and pay attention? Because, this could be it. Is that it? No, what about now? Nope. Soon though, right? That's what makes pregnancy so amazing. Feeling a real live human being moving around in your tummy. (SEE???) But at the same time, think about it, it's WEIRD! A real live human being is MOVING AROUND in your tummy. WEIRD! Who thought up this idea???? (It's a joke...I know it was God.)

And that's my update. Can't wait to hear yours. If I haven't seen a picture lately, don't you think it's about time? You've got me on a rant now. You are lovely when you are pregnant. You aren't fat. You need a picture EVERY SINGLE month when you are pregnant. And at least one of just the belly with no shirt on it. I save that for the end. Because by then your stomach is GINORMOUS and you don't care about the stretch marks. You just want to show off how GIGANTIC your belly is and how there was no possible way you could grow anymore. Those pictures are priceless to your kids, your husband and some day to you. Remember, you are beautiful. NOW, GO TAKE A PICTURE.

Update me.


The Royal Family said...

I love this post. I am glad your enjoying yourself! Sorry to hear your morning sickness is still glooming but it will end.

I am ... let me check my ticker: 27 weeks 2 days... BIG.

I still don't feel human and am jealous you already do.

Twins: I wanted twins so bad, I think it's half the work and twice the fun! I was so so sick I figured there had to be two, but no luck!

Smells are horrible! That first little while I didn't want to smell as all, not to mention the first thing hubs does when walking in from work is hug me... and sweaty stinky dirty men is NOT a smell I wanted. I am so glad they aren't as strong now and when they are I go sniff TIDE or a candle yummmmmmmmmmmm

I bought some fabric minky and silky to make a lovey for baby two... so that I am way excited for, although i'm not a great sewer I hope I dont mess it up!

My belly and tummy rule my life... it's completely up to it what I do each day, because sometimes I am having serious contractions, sometimes my back hurts so bad I don't do a thing, sometimes I am fine so I blog and clean and sew and anything else with my 21 mo. old. :

I am loving every min of the wiggle moster in my belly it's fun and so hard to catch it perfectly for hubs to see or feel, but its great I just sit and stare at my naked belly and watch it move in amazing ways...

oh, I almost forgot when I was puking my head off and couldn't stop... yeah I would have to change my pants too... NEARLY everytime... I AM SO SO SO glad someone else has that prob. because my sister thought I was crazy!!!

I haven't taken a pic, we had a vacation but I couldn't get anyone to take a family photo or I would have a belly shot, maybe this weekend at the family party somebody would do that for me... I will do my best to get a new pic!

I do want some... even though I pretend not to, I only have a short video clip with my first belly and pregnancy and thats it no pics, and I want to compare.


Thanks for posting this!

The Royal Family said...

I should mention I feel like I have to empty my bladder like every 20-30min already... doesn't that seem too soon to anyone else?

Amy said...

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Yara said...

well I feel left out; of your blog.... not like I want to be pregnant. Oh God no, never again....
hey, Kevin is standing, holding onto the couch. Its been over a minute... cool.. okay enough of that. Away he crawls.
Sorry you puked & wet yourself. I never had that, but it does not sound fun. Hopefully you will feel not sick soon. And hey, only about 30 weeks to go for you. Yay!
friends who have a girl get free girly diapers cuz I just need to get rid of the fabric. boy diapers I still charge dirt cheap for ; )
oh, and I got what I wanted each time too... girl girl boy.
any names picked out yet?

Anonymous said...

We are TTC (that's why it's anonymous). we are right at the very end of "the window" and I have that wierd feeling in the pit of my stomach ;) too soon? plus my gums were bleeding when I brushed my teeth this morning.. (something that happens for me in early pregnancy).

I'll try to keep you posted :)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I puked cause I ate some musty lettuce that was in my salad. The rest of the salad was fine except for that very last bite. It wasn't even that gross tasting. I mean, I have tasted worse: blue cheese, rotten sunflower seeds, etc and I have managed to keep my stomach contents for digesting.

We have been trying for 2 years. I think I will take the test on July 1st. I can't even count how many times I have seen that stupid line, all by itself. I just want a plus sign. I am not ready to be dissapointed again. Please God!

I would be 4-5 weeks right now, is that too early for morning sickness?

Kelly said...

I'm taking a test tomorrow morning! Yes, it's a little early, but what's the harm??

Michelle said...

Brandy, thank you so much for the update!!! No going to the bathroom that much is perfectly normal. Cant wait for the pic.

YEA! Free diapers. LOL. Perfect! Feed my addiction. And I love Kevin..he was a good one to go out on.

ANON...TEST now. Why wait? OKay, I know how you feel about seeing the one little you stare at it in the sunlight...just to make sure? But test. No it's not too early for morning sickness...this time it hit as soon as I got the positive almost.

Kelly...YEA sister. TEST.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I still get morning sickness too. Usually in the morning and evening these days and it is worse on days I have a headache so that is better than all day, every day. When I get sick, I pee too. Every time. It is embarressing and I haven't mentioned it to anyone. (well you and your readers now. LOL)

As for twins, in all my other pregnancies, I have always thought they would be fun, but now that I am pg with number three and about to have two children under two twins are a little scary. That would be three under three and how would I ever have the energy for that. Now if mother nature plays a trick on me, this is the pregnancy when I will be pregnant with twins. LOL

I am getting really round these days. You can really see I am pg. I am hoping to get more energy back so that I can finally start getting some things done in my house again.

Anonymous said...

Took the test and was greeted by my best friend, the single horizontal line. Seems like that plus sign will never bless me with it's presence.

Guess there is always next month.... :(

Michelle said...

I am so sorry. I KNOW how discouraging that is.

Do you take your temps? If not, now is a great time to start. I discovered this time around that I was ovulating about 5 days later than I thought I was. If I wasnt taking my temperature it could have taken a really long time.

It's not that hard to take temps if you havent done it...let me know if you need any help.

You know the other signs to look for right?

In the meantime, I'm praying for God's perfect timing for your baby.

kel said...

I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be anonymous today too :) I will be 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I just told my family last night, and we need to tell hubby's family ASAP. I'm very excited, but also starting to get morning sickness. Yuck. I don't throw up easily, but I just feel rotten all day. I'll be sure to update you with my actual name once hubby's family knows, and we've announced to our friends :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayer!

I have been through so many tests over the last two years, (blood, ultrasound, mri) and taking several pills daily for the last couple months, I just really thought this was our first real chance!

Lindsey Is Waiting said...

Hey, I am the anonymous salad blogger!! I have created my own blog to share and hear and learn from others! Please check it out!


Anonymous said...

I was the first Anon poster.. 2 PT later and still nothing. altho I know I am a little early (and eager)as I am expecting my period in 2 days.. today has been one of those days, I've been weepy and eating chocolate all afternoon. Is it PMS or pregnancy?!?! I'll keep you posted.

Rhonda said...

I so love pregnancy stories, and childbirth stories. But I swear to you hear and now that if I ever have a new story to share, besides the three stories I already have, then I WILL step in front of a bus. A moving one. A very fast moving one. I'm even beginning to think that birth control so strong I grow a beard is okay, so long as the ladies in there are no longer functioning.

But please do tell YOUR stories!

*stacie-ann said...

wow. im fourteen weeks pregnant. i'm 20 years old with my first baby. morning sickness was the worst for me. but thank God is gets better afterwards. I can say I have been EXHAUSTED too. tired after doing simple things. I think your family is so precious. I really can't wait to have a husband (my BD) and a family one day. Good luck! I'll definitely keep reading!!!

Michelle said...

So I have two anonomymous posters hoping to be pregnant and Kelly. I know the salad lady isnt, right? What about my other anon and Kelly. Surely I would have heard if Kelly is. This is MY Kelly, right?

Update us.