Thursday, May 7, 2009

Writer's workshop--Kati got in trouble this week

The Prompts:

1.) Create a video for your blog (vlog) and participate in Tim's "vlogemotions" by talking about an emotion you've felt this week. You can link up here AND link up at Tim's place at Fort Thompson on Thursday. That's have my permission to double dip.

UH, no thanks. That would mean I would actually have to get dressed and put on make up and yeah, even brush my hair and teeth. NO THANKS.

2.) Do you want a baby?

Yes. But the better question is--How many babies do you want? And the answer to that is maybe 10-12...I would love to adopt some.

3.) Who got in big trouble this week?

4.) Write a poem for your mother.

Mother, Mother dear

What a fun year

You text me all the time

So now you get a rhyme.

That's why I don't write poetry.

5.) Time for a trip? Where are you headed this summer?...Or where would you go if you COULD.

We will take a vacation this fall, when all the hoodlums...I mean kids, are back in school. When there are no lines and no crazy brats...I mean kids, and all the alcoholics...I mean adults are back at their jobs. I don't yet know where we are going. But I'm open to CHEAP suggestions. And I'll probably call my travel agent (I know, we are living the high life in OK) and she'll help me. Curing Cold Feet. Not only did she find us the BEST place in Branson last year but she's FUNNY. What's better than a funny travel agent? A free one. WHO KNEW travel agents were free?


When you have a house full of kids there is bound to be at least ONE person in trouble. Usually there is always the ONE trouble maker though. It usually doesn't change from week to week. See if you recognize this face:
Yes, it's Katherine. She's our normal troublemaker. Meaning, any time of day or night (YES, the middle of the night even) you can find her being disobedient. I did pray for patience.

So Kati's goal is to earn a hamster and that was easy to help her with. If she goes a month without crying she earns the cage, one part at a time. Every time she cries she has to mark it off on the calendar and her month starts over. At first, that didn't matter at all. She was still crying a lot.

BUT THIS WEEK, and the last week or two before this, we have seen such a change in Kati. As I mentioned, disobedience follows her like a dark cloud over Eeyore. In fact, she's just like Eeyore. But these last few weeks she has gotten so much better. She has a great attitude. She's normally a girl who wants to sit in your lap and be near you and just do whatever you are doing, no matter what it is. She's usually smiling and loud and boisterous, but very negative and her mood changes like the weather in Oklahoma.

But now we are seeing her be more stable in her emotions. Plus she is showing so much more respect.

We've exchanged crying, fit throwing and disrespect for disobedience. Not exactly, because Kati disobeys a lot, but this week more than usual.

Here's a partial list:

watched a movie during rest time (big no-no to watch TV without permission)
played during rest time and did not do school work
read during rest time and did not do school work
lied about doing school work
had dessert when she wasn't suppose to
told her sister she would help her with her chores but then didn't
ate gum off the floor

I can guarantee there was more but I cannot think of more at this moment.

What about you? Can you relate to a child like this? Please tell me I'm not alone. EVEN BETTER tell me what magical thing you happened upon that worked so well that your disobedient child went to obedient in a day or two. A girl can dream, right?

Whew! Good things she's cute:


Yara said...

gum off the floor? Oh my! Please tell me it isn't really true!

My kids are younger than yours so... I don't know.

But well, I'll try to blog....

The Royal Family said...

WOW 10-12... your brave... I am dying with only 1.5 HA HA HA

April said...

All I know to say is good luck with that one. You sure got your hands full.

holly said...

Hey! are you still going tomorrow??? we were, then weren't, but now are again...let me know via email.

Emily said...

Gum off the floor, gum off the underside of the table, gum fresh out of the package, what's the difference? LOL!!! My sister used to do this all the time. GROSS!

I also have a disobedient one, too. I have yet to figure out the magic...

monica said...

Great post. She is super cute! Love her hair. Good Luck!

Lena said...

so your other kids are obedient? thats very good. my kids have their moments, sometimes they are little angels, and other times they are little trouble makers. ;)

Unknown said...

That does sound like a handful...but she is so cute, I'm sure she's quickly forgiven. Hope it gets easier for you!

Visiting from Mama Kat's

Anonymous said...

My daughter is also our difficult one. She is so incredibly stubborn and tenacious.

I just keep reminding myself that the things we see as negative can be positive if they are turned in the right direction.

Most days, I feel like I'm just treading water with her.

My only advice? Lots of prayer.

Andrea said... that's what I have to look forward to with my stubborn 11 month old girl! haha. :) Seriously...she is INCREDIBLY stubborn and head-strong for someone who's not even 1 yet...why, oh why did she have to inherit my stubborn gene?!? lol. :)

Amy said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your comments on my blog...I don't do much w/ it these days, but occasionally I'm inspired and consequently compelled to post something. :-) Wish I had more time to blog, but there's a season for everything.

In any case, I just wanted to respond to your question about Mukta Vati. I don't know if it's safe for use during pregnancy...Pearl didn't mention as we were discussing its use for hubby. There is an email contact for her on the Above Rubies website though...just a thought.

I did get a further response on your question from another reader...she's posted lots of info. I don't know her personally, but for what it's worth, she said it's a no-no for pregnancy. You can read her response on my blog.

Hope that helps a bit, and I'll pray for your BP and a healthy, happy pregnancy. Congratulations!

Hugs from a fellow 'Ruby',
Amy B.

kel said...

Great post! and she is just plain adorable!!

Tammy said...

My biggest problem with my little girl is that she will ask one of us and when we say no, she goes to the other one of us and asks. She'll do it with us in the same room. Hi from the SITStahood.

H.K. said...

I loved your poem, it made me laugh and I think you should send it to your mom!

Unknown said...

She is adorable! Even if she eats gum off the floor! I am glad she is working hard to get a hamster. So sweet : ).

Lumous said...

I have one, sometimes two like this..
The notorious one, is my 2 1/2 year old, but occasionally it rubs off on the 7 year old.
My only advise....(It's a 7 step program...)
Step 1: Take a step back. (Sometime several steps work better).
Step 2: Breath deeply
Step 3: Shake head sadly (pouty face optional)
Step 4: Rub hands on head. (Hair usually ends up messy at this point, so you might want to grab a comb).
Step 5: Clean up mess
Step 6: Have a "chat" about why you don't like this behavior (with yourself in the mirror...because lets be honest, are they even listening?)
Step 7: Remember that this too shall pass, and that it wont be like this for long, and one day you will look back at all this and laugh.....I hope.
Did I mention the 7 step program is for you? LOL
I haven't got a clue how to get them to be less mischievous, but I would gladly take another one just like him, just to have the all the wonderful things he give me including the hugs, smiles & love.
In the meantime, know you are not alone.

Bethany said...

Kati reminds me alot of myself as a youngster!! I gave my parents a run for their money but chilled out a bit around age 20... ;)

Michelle said...

YES! Gum off the floor, or anywhere. And it's only Kati, so dont worry too much!

It gets easier the more you have!

UM no, my others arent obedient all the time either, but she is definitely the one we have the most trouble with.

Dont tell me I'm going to have to wait this out till she's 20...