Monday, May 11, 2009

Ashlea is 18 Today

18 Things I like doing with Ashlea:


1. Beat her at every video game we play.
2. Play slug bug with real punches while driving.
3. Snuggle on the couch and watch movies all day when we are both sick at the same time.
4. Play Monopoly and other games that take hours to play.
5. Play football on Thanksgiving.

Big hair day at Fall's Creek 2007

6. Bake and cook with her.
7. Go shopping on Black Friday.
8. Go to the movies with her.
9. Watch movies with her during rest time.
10. Read books together for her Omnibus.

Sept 16, 2006 back to school picture

11. Playing games.
12. Having her babysit us.

Aug 2004 (public school)

13. Going to Little Caesar's to get breadsticks.
14. Watching Little House on the Prairie with us.

16th Birthday

15. Riding the dragons.
16. Watching a movie with me.

Vacation in AR, 2003

17. Getting a bath from Ashlea.
18. Going to town with her.

Mom and Dad's wedding celebration July 10, 2004
Things I love about Ashlea:

1. I love how pretty she looks on Sunday morning before church.
2. I love how she is patient with me as I try to teach her math and science.
3. I love how she cooks delicious sweets for the people she loves.
4. I love how it took her three months to master the concept that one must stop before turning on red, because I had trouble with that one too for some strange reason. God must love her too...because she is still alive.
5. I love that she came to visit us a few weeks ago and that she came to Frontier City with us and that she is coming to visit again very soon...probably some time this week.

5-14-07 Trying to catch a picture at the zoo
6. I love how she used to always ask me if I needed a date, because she would watch the kids if I did. It just showed me how much she cared about me.
7. I love how she used to stay home with the kids every Tuesday while I went to the grocery store with only the baby.
8. I love her sarcastic sense of humor and her love of laughter.
9. I love how she loves her siblings and enjoys her time with them.
10. I love how thoughtful she is to everyone around her.

12-2-03 She loves cats and she dressed this one up!
11. I like it that she is very sweet.
12. That she's always ready to have fun.

May 8, 2009 Opening her birthday presents
13. She's kind.
14. She puts a lot of thought into the work that she does with me.

Helping at VBS 2007

15. Watching a movie with me.
16. Reading a book to me.

Falls Creek Retro night 2007 (with Rachel and Hannah)

17. I love when Ashlea hugs and kisses me.
18. I love when Ashlea plays with me.


Jeff Johnson said...

Happy birthday, baby.

Yara said...

Happy Birthing Day to you Michelle.
happy birthday Ashlea : )

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Ashlea! It sounds like you are a fabulous daughter and sister! I hope to raise my kid to be as caring and thoughtful as you are. :)

Kim said...

Happy, happy birthday, Ashlea!

The Royal Family said...

what a sweet post! Happy 18th!

Mamí♥Picture said...

Feliz Cumpleanos!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Mamí♥Picture said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ashlea and great pictures!


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Ashlea!

Beulah said...

They forget they're supposed to stay itty bitty forever.

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend celebrating!

By the way, I got my book in the mail today. Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

What a great birthday post!! Happy birthday Ashlea!!

Melissa said...

That was very beautiful! Happy Birthday!

tammy said...

You have a beautiful young woman there and I love your special tribute to her on her birthday. Very sweet!!

Michelle said...

Thank you everyone!

Unknown said...

that was really nice ;)