Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writer's Workshop--Almost 10 things

The Prompts:

1.) Share a love letter. Well I don't think love letters should be shared on blogs. BUT I once read a love letter my Grandma wrote to my Grandpa, when he was in the war and she was still in high school. I would LOVE to have a copy of that letter, and I might be persuaded to share a snippet of that. But not one of my own. My grandchildren have permission to share them on their blogs...or whatever they have then.

2.) Memorial Day Weekend plans?? Do share! Yes, Jeff, do share. I'd love to know what we are doing.

3.) List ten things you are currently sick of.

4.) Put an outfit together using pictures you found online and show us what you'd LIKE to be wearing today. This is the one I thought I was going to do...because I was going to pick out some really cute maternity clothes. But my computer absolutely will not cooperate with me today.

5.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to? This isn't the question for me. Instead, the better question is, what have you been too sick to pay attention to...and that would be laundry, cleaning, and cooking.


1. I'm sick of being tired and nauseous, and yet, it's just begun. But at the same time I'm so thankful that I know this baby is doing well and growing and that this is just normal.

2. I'm so sick of doing laundry. However, I am grateful for all the clothes recently given to me for Asa.

3. I'm sick of the flies, and there is nothing nice I can say about them.

4. I'm sick of my children getting sick. Seems like every time I take them to the nursery they pick something up. I am grateful it's Spring and the sickies should be mostly gone, right? RIGHT?

5. I'm sick of being cold. Talk about being grateful. I LOVE the Spring. I could live where it's Spring all year round. I LOVE it. Thank you GOD for Spring.

6. I'm sick of showing my house to people who never buy it. I am at a point, with the beautiful weather, where I just love my house and want to stay in it forever. (I know winter will come, and the price of oil will go up, then we'll be regretting it if we stay.) If I could get my computer to cooperate you would see the most glorious picture of our front yard...rolling hills, trees, cattle...not a house in sight.

7. That's it for me.

8. I can't think of two more things I'm sick of.

9. I guess I'm pretty blessed.

10. Or maybe I'm just too tired to think straight.


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Yara said...

wowsers. That was long. I mean, I read yours, enjoyed it, then went to do mine & THAT was long : )
But I do have a birthday in a few days & maybe just maybe, I'll buy myself a few new dresses. From the kids, right? ; )

The Royal Family said...

I am sorry your sick of being sick... I know the EXACT feeling. I am glad i'm not sick any more... well morningsickness anyway... Good luck hope it gets easier!

Jen said...

I hear you on the sick kids thing. I am sick of that too.

Andrea said...

Oh yeah...I'm sick of sick kids too. And we're just starting to get colds idea where they picked them up this time. Sigh. Oh could be worse!

Lena said...

i am sorry you have to sell your house... thats too bad, especially if you like living there. i hope it all works out for the better.

Jen said...

Hey Michelle,

I was just catching up on your blog and see you are pregnant! Congrats!! I am so happy for you!!