Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WFMW-Helping Others

I posted yesterday about Holly and how she is trying to save enough money to go to a conference with her family, to help her daughter. Without this trip her daughter will NOT receive the help she needs. Visit her blog here.

Holly is such a private person. But she opened up her blog to anyone wanting to get to know her better. It can be really hard to trust a bunch of strangers. ( I mean, KimB could really be some big old hairy man, with 32 pet rabbits living in the house with him, sleeping in bed while he sleeps on the couch because there's not room. Just sayin'.) She also doesn't ask for help well. (I mean, I've told her for the last two weeks that I wanted to help her and she's JUST now letting me.) That's hard, you know?

So it seemed easy for me to take her cause on. For one, Holly is lazy. No, totally kidding. She's just nice. She is genuine. I wanted to help her because she needs it and she is finding it
+hard all the way around.

So helping Holly is working for me. I love to give back to God and I definitely consider this a gift to God (and Holly).

We are having a few raffles and tomorrow I will have a few additional items for auction made by my sweet daughter Kori. Check back. If you are donating to the raffle, be sure to let one of us know which card you want. Unless you want to try your hand at all of them...then we'll figure out some really convoluted way to let you do that...that's how important you are to me. No amount of work is too much. Unless I'm feeling sick or tired, which of course I am, so maybe you are out of luck today. You could always try though. And hey, don't forget you can always give me the gift card...I mean, my birthday is coming up, in November.

$20 Pier One Imports Card ($2.50 min.)

$15 Subway card ($2 minimum)

$15 I Tune card ($2 min.) Ashlea, no need to worry, this isn't yours. I STILL haven't found yours.

$25 Chili's, Macaroni grill, On the Border ($3 min.)

$50 Blockbuster card ($5 min)

$10 American Eagle card ($1 min)

Now remember, you could win something great but it IS going to a good cause. Holly has been working her tail off raising the funds to go to CA. Please give generously, as the Lord leads.

Here is Rachel with her big sister Ashley. Too cute!

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holly said...

No, wait...We have all those rabbits that you speak of! (not really) And my husband is hairy! (really!!) Does that make me weird. LOLOLOL