Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We all know breastfeeding is best

I LOVE this picture because it's not the typical baby, baby nursing...it's a toddler. While I have several pictures of my toddler nursing, I don't really like showing my breasts, and well, they SHOW in every picture.

The thing is, if I WANT to show my breasts, or IF they show, who really cares. Why are you looking anyway? I mean, be discreet, when possible, as I think most (all?) breastfeeding moms are, but don't stress...and DON'T go to the bathroom to hide yourself.

I ran across the most amazing blog post about this very thing and said much more succinctly than I can. Here you GO: Public Perceptions of Breastfeeding

Warning: Nudity (and not just breastfeeding nudity) Rated R

Tell me what you think.


roadrunner201 said...

Hahaha. I posted this same thing to my blog several months ago. I am always happy to find more people who agree with me;-)

Beulah said...

I agree. Babies shouldn't eat in the bathroom. I just don't understand why people expect mothers to nurse in there.

Really, would they want to eat in the bathroom?

Diana said...

Well, as the mother of a 15 year-old-son, I don't want him to see a nursing mother's breasts or Christina Aguilera's. And so I hope that nursing moms will take the utmost care to be modest and discreet. I breast fed in public, but made sure I did concern myself with staying covered and I did care others were not made to feel uncomfortable. Did I go in the restroom at church? No, but did I sit in the last row of the cry room with one of those blankets that tied securely around my neck? Absolutely.
All things may be lawful, but are they profitable? From a Christian perspective I realize more and more how much what I do is more about how it affects others around me than what is my right to do. If people may gawk, I do my best to give them nothing to gawk at because the female breast IS a sexual thing for everyone BUT the nursing mother and child, that will not change, so I think those women who "whip it out" in defiance to that fact need to check their hearts. I know this won't be the popular opinion here, but it's what I think.

Michelle said...

OH NO...I agree WITH THAT. I hope I got that point across that MOST nursing moms are discreet. And as a mother of a son, I don't want breasts all in his face. But IT"S NOT THE SAME as a teenager at the mall. I have never seen a mom purposefully trying to show off the fact that she was breastfeeding...most of my friends cover themselves with a blanket or a shawl or a sling...something.

My POINT was that people get all upset about a mom nursing at the table and someone may get a flash of the top of her breast ...for mere seconds while she's getting her babe latched on. Meanwhile someone at the next table is showing ten times more breast and nothing is said to her. ACTUALLY HAPPENED recently in a Denny's.

I just get so tired of moms feeling uncomfortable enough to nurse in public and going to the bathroom...but people walk around with everything showing. It's frustrating in that way.

So I agree, yes, as christians and fellow moms, we SHOULD be discreet. But not discreet to the point of being forced into a nasty bathroom to nurse so no one gives you a second glance.

And for the record...when I nurse I find a quiet, solitary place and cover myself. (Or an inside booth with my DH shielding me, with baby in sling. )

But more importantly...no one should make me. Just look away.

Yara said...
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Kelly said...

Actually, the Denny's thing was not too far from me. And I'm very sorry to say there was absolutely NOTHING discreet about her nursing. She had it ALL hanging out, and never bothered to cover anything even after the 2-3 year old was latched on. I agree with everything that was said here, but that Dennys incident is a very poor example. I cringed when I watched that lady show it all all over again during an interview.

Misty M. said...

Hi, I was just browsing blogs and came across yours and wanted to say that I enjoyed several of your entries!
As for the topic above, well.... where are these ladies husbands? I mean mine freaks out if there is a curtain slightly out of place in our living room while I am breast feeding LOL!!! I could never get away with feeding in public even if it didn't seem awkward to me (which it does!)
I have a preacher friend who was a missionary in Africa and found out that while he was preching it was nothing for a woman on the front row to just "whip it out" and feed her baby during the sermon. I think he was able to overcome his shock and continue on and after a while it got to be common place. Just a funny story I thought I would share.
Keep up the good blogs!

Lena said...

Personally I am shy, and feel awkward when needing to nurse my little one. But I am all for nursing our children in public-discreetly and not going into the bathroom. I had to nurse in DMV, sat in the last row a lady on one side and a guy on the other, I think the lady realized what I was doing, but I dont think the guy even realized... :)))