Friday, May 29, 2009

Pregnancy update...who knows how many weeks I am

Okay, so that's how I feel, even if I'm not actually throwing up. Fortunately, I haven't, which is really great. BUT I also haven't been brushing my hair much...Yes, that is what I typed. It struck me as so funny that I'm leaving it. What I really meant was my teeth. I can't brush all my teeth, all the time. Anyone else get gaggy when they brush? (I havent been brushing my hair much either, but not because it makes me throw up. Hair does gross me out, but not usually my own and it doesnt usually make me throw up. Unless it's in food and then...keep it away from me.)

So this past week I have felt terrible. So terrible. I began wondering if I could even do this again. (And that's pretty bad for me...a friend said, "the baby machine"?) Maybe I'm too old for this. I was tired and sick all day long, like I had the flu or something. I couldn't do anything. It was a challenge just to change diapers around here. Much less wipe a behind. (If you see brown, roll it on down, right ladies?)

But then I started praying and realized I was spending a lot of time and energy complaining and whining and not enough time being grateful. So I changed it up a little.

Yes, I still felt terrible, but I became grateful that I knew my baby was okay. They say that morning sickness is a good sign. (Not that I usually care what "they" say.) I am grateful that I get to carry a new life and it was SO easy to get pregnant.

My older daughters are being so helpful. If there is a bad smell in the kitchen, or something gross, Kori tells me to stay out. And I can give her Asa's bottle and she will rinse it out and refill it...cause smelly milk always causes me to throw up. See how sweet she is????

Oh, and Jeff, are there rewards in heaven for husbands like him? Because I'm campaigning for him now, if there are. He comes home to a disarrayed house, his kids outside all dirty, hair and teeth not brushed, me still usually in my gown, and I beg to go to town to pick something up for dinner. (Nothing sounds good or tastes good and I don't want fast food. So he goes to two different places.) He doesn't say a word. He doesn't complain that he can't walk through the living room or wonder why Mill only has a pair of panties on or why Asa is eating dirt. (That boy loves to eat dirt.) He just quietly comes in giving hugs and kisses. Then asks if I need a bath or a nap. What did I do to deserve him???? (I forgot to mention how he's been wearing the same clothes for days at a time...or maybe he'd prefer that secret be kept secret.)

So see, the silver lining? Aren't I blessed? So what I can't get off the couch, I have SATELLITE. Hello? Where's the downside of that?

And then, lo and behold, I started feeling almost human. Was it the peanut butter I began eating for breakfast on my bagel? Was it going to sleep an hour earlier? Was it just praying to be thankful? Prayers of my friends? Or am I FINALLY (melodramatic? barely 2 weeks of bad morning sickness, that of course, isn't actually in the morning) through it???

How about you? How are you faring, pregnant mammas? Any announcements need to be made? Anyone about to start trying? I know I have one reader who is thinking about thinking about trying. How's that going?

Update us. If you have preggo pictures be sure and post those on your blogs and link back here. Now I do have a picture, but OF COURSE it's just me being fat. I think I'll pass on that one.


The Royal Family said...

Sorry not about to share a fat preggo pic. I am also sorry you have been sick, it is a part of the whole process but sometimes that thought doesn't make it any easier. Good luck, hang in there!


Milburns' said...

Awww... you are so sweet and encouraging Michelle.

With me I am going through the very same thing but not with the sickness part... the "this baby is so big already, I am so uncomfortable and hurting already, I just want to hold my baby" phase wondering as well if I can do this again. (Me also being considered the "baby machine" LOL)

Same conviction as well though. That my hubby is helpful, children as well and everyone including myself is ecstatic to await the newest Milburn member.

I need to get another belly pic soon (one with ample clothing that is...LOL) and post to the bloggarooni.

Keep it up mama!!! Not much longer until this phase is over for ya and then you'll have more baby belly to show off and less pukey feeling. LOL

Lena said...

sorry that you are feeling sickly.. but this is so normal, this is how we all feel when we are pregnant... oh what we have to go through just to have a tiny person in our arms.?! hang in there it will all get better.

The Royal Family said...

fine I posted one.
and tagged you.

Beulah said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I had many of the same problems when I was prego last time with being tired/nauseaous.

And I've never been able to brush my back teeth when pregnant without gagging. I flossed and used lots of listerine. =)

I'm glad your hubby is so helpful. Even if I'm a little jealous. =)

Glad everything is going well.

Unknown said...

No preggo pics yet but hubby and I are TTC. I hope it won't be long but we've only been trying for a few months now.

Jessica Morris said...

I was super impressed with my doctor - I had a birth plan written up and he read it (and I asked him to sign it too!!) He had a couple of concerns that we discussed, but in the end he was 100% supportive of what I wanted, and in turn I was receptive to his concerns and opinions.
After the baby was born I wrote him a thank you card and took it to his office and cried when I said goodbye to him! lol.

Do you have your babies at home or in a hospital?

If you google your base and find a ton of numbers try calling the base housing one first. I *think* they are the ones that organize the yard sales. I looked to see if I could see if you live near me - how weird would that be?! but I couldn't tell :) But there are TONS of treasures to be had at base yard sales - not just b/c they downsize a lot, but they also sell stuff from overseas too. :)

The McGregor Clan said...

We are trying to get pregnant with our second. My little girl is 3 1/2 years old and I am ready for another one. I have been reading the book you recommended, Taking Charge of your Fertility. None of my friends or family know we are trying and people can be so insensitive with their comments, "when are you going to have another one? what are you waiting for?" It's none of their business and I prefer to keep this kind of stuff private. Except when I tell strangers on blogs!!! Even though it FEELS anonymous. It took a year and a half to have to finally get pregnant with Alana, and I know it's in God's timing, but I find myself frustrated every month. I enjoy your blog and hope this morning sickness passes soon. :)

Andrea said...

Aw, yeah...that morning sickness which isn't actually in the morning is horrible! It gets me every time...just wait, when I get pregnant again in a few months you can come over to my blog and read all about it. ;) Good for you for remembering to be grateful too though! :)

Amy said...

I think I am actually to the point that my hubby and I are going to stop with the three girls that God blessed us with. I go back and forth and back and forth, but my 3 year old, told me the other day she wants to stay 3 forever. Don't think she wants to give up her title as baby of the family. . .hope you are feeling a little better.

Brigetta Schwaiger said...

Michelle- I gave you a "Lovely Blog Award" on my blog today because I enjoy how real you are in your posts.

Dejoni said...

Morning sickness is so horrible. Hope it passes soon...the end result is so worth it, as you know:)

Missy said...

Bless your heart.

The crummy thing about being pregnant is that every time you do it, you are older than you were the last time you were pregnant.

Once when I had just found out I was pregnant and my first was only 4 months old - I was not at the totally thrilled place yet.

I took my tiny little boy to story time at the library and a woman there had just come from the dr where she found out she had lost her baby. She was still in shock.

I knew that God had had me sit next to her to remind me just how blessed I was - and to quit griping!

Not that I didn't still gripe for the next 9 months...cause i am kind of a griper...

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am having horrible morning sickness and headaches as well. It sucks but at least it means there are lots of healthy hormones flowing around inside me, helping me grow an nice healthy baby.

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