Monday, January 3, 2011

Three things about Asa, by three of his sisters

What we can say about our favorite son and brother?

He's cute. Without a doubt.

He likes balls. For sure.

He makes us laugh. All the time.

He loves his sisters. Without a doubt.

From Millicent:

He likes his new toys that Mimi gave him.

He sometimes shares his bike and Jerusha's tractor.

When I said happy birthday to him, he said happy birthday back.

From Kati:

He told me happy birthday today when I told him happy birthday.

He never wears clothes.

He doesnt like the feeling of hair when he gets his hair cut.

From Kori:

He is very nice in sharing his toys.  Usually.

He always looks out for his sisters.

He loves to play with me.

Happy 3rd birthday Asa.
Oh, how we love you.


Michelle G said...

What a cutie - and a face that says "oh yeah I'm gonna give you a run for your money!" :) Happy Happy BIRTHDAY ASA!!!!What a big boy!!!

Yara said...

Happy birthday!

Pssst... Michelle... Christmas is over, change your background ; )

Anonymous said...


Veronica said...

Happy Birthday Asa!!