Sunday, December 19, 2010

One week to go-Family Award Night

Advent activity:

Family Awards night.

If you have never read my blog before you may be wondering what that's all about.  If you have read it before now, then you know and you want to join in.  Right, Heather?  (There are plenty more ideas to read, just click on Advent up there on the top.)

It's easy.  Pick some categories:

Best dresser
Cleanest person
Person who read the most books
Best egg maker
Cleanest room
Person who makes us laugh the most

Whatever you want. Then you vote.  We've rigged it so that everyone gets an award by making sure that some people get some throw away votes.  (The adults play too.) 

Then we have prizes like:

candy from the store
movie during the week
stay up an hour late
go somewhere alone with mom or dad

It's pretty simple to do and everyone will enjoy it.

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