Friday, October 29, 2010

I miss the quiet

Those are my cutey patooties splashing around on our roof after a rain.  

This is right outside our house. A freeway.

This is right in front of our house.  A busy road.

This is right beside our house.  Men working all the time. 

More men.  More cars.  Lots more noise.

 There's the freeway? Hear it?  Horns honking, breaks squealing (DO YOU KNOW HOW THEY DRIVE OVER HERE????), engines revving, people talking.

That's our sidewalk.  Hear the traffic?  Will I get used to all the noise?

I came directly from this:

That's my front yard.  Yep, nothing as far as the eye can see.  Did I say it is...I meant, it was

How'd this extra cute picture of my little pumpkins get in there?  But you see the nothingness, right?

Yep, front yard again. Me, pregnant.  Jeff, handsome.  Yard, quiet.  No traffic.  Just frogs and crickets and cicadas.  Some wind.  Okay, it's Oklahoma, lots of wind.

Side yard. 

Look, there you could play basketball on the grass.  In your diaper.  See?

Other side yard.  No noise.  Just cows.  They do moo though.  I love the cows. 

More of my yard. Will I get over not having the absolute quiet (and dark) of my old home? I sure do miss it right now.

This city never sleeps.


Milburns' said...

Awwww!! I bet that is so hard!!! But I bet ya do get used to it! :-)

I can't imagine all you are seeing (and hearing) right now!!!

Praying for smooth transitioning!!!

Yara said...

Aw sweetie! You will get used to it. I almost promise! Or, go find some ear plugs. And a mask for your eyes. If you can't find any, I will send you some.
I can't sleep in total quiet though. My husbands parents house, in the middle of nowhere (though not as much as your old house) is too quiet for me. And it creeps me out and I can never sleep there. Not a bit! No wonder I get sick when we go. I digress...
The noise you can get used to. It's not so bad. I hope. I'm gonna sit here and think that when you're done in Singapore, you'll come to the calmer but not as quiet (but never loud, except on trash mornings) Lakewood. By me. And we will be real life BFFs <3
Have a good... Saturday?

Michelle G said...

Okay - I've scanned the blog - How the heck did you wind up in Singapore? from Oklahoma!?
Talk about pilgrims ;) just in time for Thanksgiving...but not an easy tie in when you have to eat like...what bok choi for "turkey day" lol -
Seriously though I'm awful at HUGE changes in my sleep pattern. (It's kinda like poking an angry bear with a stick!)Doesn't do much for my attitude (what...who told you my attitude wasn't great to begin with...have you been talking to my kids or husband? ignore them! ;0)
Good luck -
p.s. I never could do ear plugs cause as a momma I think I only sleep with one eye shut and one ear not listening to EVERYTHING anyways ;)lol
~ Your twin

Melissa said...

I know how you feel! I moved to LA right after college and it took awhile to get use to all the noise. But soon you won't even notice. Unless, of course, a helicopter almost lands in your front yard looking for a gunman. Oh, I miss LA!!!
Make sure you get out and do lots of great "city" things while you are there. The things you can't do in rural OKlahoma.