Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello from Singapore

Hi from Singapore.  We made it.  I bet you are just dying to have a tour of our house. So come on!  Have a look.

Here is our living room.  Sweet huh?

Oh no.  That’s Jerusha’s hand.  She grabs everything.  She’s like a little monkey.
Here is the koi pond, which every single person loves, especially Asa.  He’s out there ALL THE TIME.

Uh-oh.  His big head is in the way.  That’s usually the case with Asa.

Here is a view of the amazing neighborhood from our rooftop.

A little foggy….the humidity is, what? A milliondy percent, or something even higher?

Here’s a picture of the top floor where Kori and Ashlea’s rooms are.  Pretty, huh?

Well that’s my finger.  Sorry about that.

Here’s the school room.  I’m so excited to have this room.  We’ve always had a school room but never this organized.

Oops! A little blurry there.  That’s how I’ve felt with the jet lag.

I guess you weren’t suppose to see our house today.  Oh well.  Gotta get some rest.  I’m tired.

See you tomorrow...maybe.


Yara said...

Not nice! Here I am, all excited to live in Singapore, vicariously through you... And you give me these pictures? ::pout::
Hey, did ya find a church yet?
Hope you vet over the jet lag soon
My missionary cousins travel all over the world, and at leat one prayed he wouldn't suffer jet lag, and he does not ever! I think they were in Singapore this year

Miss you!
So happy you're blogging again
-read & commented from my iPad. Do get one for yourself when you have a chance <3

Stam House said...

where have I been not knowing that you guys where in Singapore!!! Can't wait to see some more!

Melissa said...

Glad you made it! Looking forward to a "real" update :)

Heather B said...

I just found your blog after you commented on my breastfeeding post. Now I'm learning all about you! What takes you to Singapore?