Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua (Now on Wednesdays)

Can you believe they changed the day of Survivor to Wednesdays?  WHY? WHY? It's not like I care, really.  It's just that I don't like change.  And I've been watching it on Thursdays since, well since, forever.  And I don't like it. Okay, really I don't care. As long as I can watch Survivor.

Which I'm not sure I can do.  I got this newfangled phone that can get on the internet and play youtube videos and text and all kinds of crazy things.  However it can't play CBS.  What's up CBS?  Do you just not care about me anymore.  As if you ever did!

If you've ever read my Survivor posts you know that I almost always pick the winner.  And yes, picking Russell counted.  Because we all know he deserved to win.  In fact, he was so stealth in finding the immunity idols that they had to play it differently this time.  SWEET!

When I choose my contestants, I choose them based on nothing but their bios. Seriously.  I'm that good.  But this season their bios weren't that helpful so I also watched the 90 second clip.   Then I watched the TV Guide preview.  (But I already had my decision made before then.)

I know you are dying to know my picks, so here you go:

Chase...I like Chase because he's down to earth. He's just a nice guy.  (His dad recently died.)  Jeff Probst called him as the winner.  I'm not so sure.

Holly...I like her because her husband is her inspiration and she has three kids.

Jill...She's a doctor.  She's smart.

Kelly B...She's an amputee. Her father died in the Haiti earthquake. And my favorite thing about Kelly...her biggest pet peeve is people chewing ice or smacking gum in a quiet room.  (Who can fault her for that???)

Marty...He's a manipulator. But he's fit.  He rescued an injured climber from Mt. Whitney.  Final Four.

Shannon...His claim to fame is his kids.  Says he wants to play by being truthful. While the dude has bad hair I call him the winner.

Tyrone...Fire Chief.  Sweet as can be.  Final Four.

Wendy...Oh how I love Wendy.  She's a goat farmer.  (Wants to pay off the farm if she wins.)  You know she doesn't shave her legs or eat red dye 40.  She's also a lieutenant colonel.  And she's just NICE!!  Final Four.

Jimmy Johnson...I don't think he'll last long. But come's Jimmy Johnson. Two time Super Bowl champion coach.

Don't forget it comes on tonight. And if you've figured out a way for me to watch, please let me know.

Who do you have in your top four?


Your Eldest said...

Why'd they change the questions??
I like Alina, I do NOT like Benry.

Kara said...

So... what do you think about Naonka???