Monday, August 9, 2010

Where do I go?

I saw this on Life in a Shoe and thought I would do it's fun.  Do it!  Then tell me you posted so I can see yours too.

Just open a new browser window or tab and hit your "a" key to see what site your browser pulls up first.  Then continue doing that for all the letters of the alphabet.

A:  Artscow. Have you tried them?  OH MY!  OH, how I love Artscow.  They are so great.  They put things on way, deep discount and then I buy them as gifts for the kids and grandparents.  You are going to LOVE them.  Just be sure and join using my link as I get a kick back.  And you get 1200 free prints and three 8 X 8 books.  What's not to love?  (If you figure out how to make a photo book on there, could you let me in on it?)

B:  Blessed Quiver.  What else?

C:  CNN.  Blah!  Jeff obviously uses my computer.  BORING!

D:  Domino's coupons from Retail Me Not. (We got free cinna stix Saturday night.  They are over there on my right hand side.)

E:  Expect Net:  Really?  Not Etsy?

F:  Facebook. WHAT?  I'm never wasting time on facebook.  My computer must be wrong.

G:  Google.  And again.  That has to be Jeff, because I use Swagbucks for EVERYTHING. Even to look up Swagbucks.

H:  Springpad.  I know, right?  (Don't you love when people use common slang/speech?)  It pulled up http:  springpad. ( I don't know what to tell you.)  Springpad is a neat program that lets you store web addresses for recipes, and it saves the recipe itself.

I:  Poor computer.  It just doesn't understand that I'm trying to do a blog post about the sites I visit.  It pulled up net teller, which is my bank website.

J: Pho[Jo]tography.  Have you seen this post????

K:  Kelly Mom.  Breastfeeding advice and support.  Good one, computer!

L:  Live Strong.  NO IDEA whatsoever.  Bad computer.

M:  Mothering.  Oh yes, I love mothering.  It is a website for attachment parenting, basically. A more natural, holistic lifestyle. I also subscribe to the magazine. The whole magazine is dedicated to my way of living...and it's hard to find real life friends who are.

N:  New Think.  My husbands blog.  Defunct.

O:  That pulls up Jeff's work email.  Man, Jeff uses my computer a lot. Don't you gals think I need my own computer?  An IPad will work.

P:  Paperback Swap.  Oh how I LOVE Paperback Swap. In the last month I've gotten: Your Two Year old:  Terrible or Tender (tender); The Big Nap; The Gargoyle; Your Four Year Old; Bitter is the New Black (remember her book about being fat?).

Q:  Blessed Quiver.  And well it should. Right on!

R:  Realtor.  Well, yea, we love to look at houses.  And we are moving soon.  But we are always looking at houses.

S:  Shutterfly.  You know what Shutterfly is.  I recently put our vacation pictures into a book.  You know, since I have NO scrapbooking time.

T: Totally Tots blog.  LOVE it.  It's a homeschooling blog.  It really gets me thinking about fun activities for everyone, but especially for Asa and Millicent.

U:  Unhindered Living.  If you haven't visited their unhindered pregnancy, you are in for a treat.  Either that or it will totally freak you out.

V:  Veritas Press.  It's where I order most of our school books.  Just put in an order for their Bible and History cards.  Fantabulous!

W:  Our bank website.  Which does not start with a W.

X:  Fox News.  JEFF, get off my computer.

Y:  You Tube.  We love you tube.  My new phone has the ability to record something and post it directly to you tube.  So I have been doing it!  Especially when Jeff was in Singapore.  You can see my videos by searching for intime0. I'm sure you are dying to see Jerusha say Da-da and crawl.

Z:  In House Pharmacy.  I have absolutely NO idea why that came up. Maybe because it's in New Zealand???  But it is where I buy my DPD, which is what supplies all my milkies to Jerusha.

Fun, wasn't it????

Your turn.


11arrows said...

Love your blog! We have lots in common, I am just not a grandma yet! :) Someday! I did your activity. It is fun! Hoping to get to know you better!

Yara said...

This was fun... and, around letter V KVlad woke up & went right outside to play in the Buzz Lightyear Sprinkler without asking me to give him Milkies... yay!
here ya go, I will make it easy on you. I expect comments <3

I need to check out some of your links, I've never even seen Veritas before (I don't think)