Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Wednesday

There's my little grandbaby.  Cute, huh?  Well it's true.  Look at that little ear.

While I'm on the subject of cuteness, check this out:

See, cuteness.  She's sitting up.  And trying to crawl.  And saying Da-da.  And saying hi.  Look closely and you'll see lot of spit which means she's getting more teeth.

That's a teething necklace. And according to all who have used it, it really works.  No, they don't eat it.  That's what I thought too.  It has medicinal properties that keep the gums from hurting.  Hey, I just report the facts.  I figured it couldn't hurt to try.  I got it for half price by joining Inspired by Finn's facebook page.  And it's mighty cute.  So yes, the word of the day is and.  I'm not sure if it works, but she's not fussy.  Could be her; could be the necklace.  Don't know.  It's cute though and I've been getting compliments on it.

And here she is trying her first food last night:

Not loving it but surprisingly, she did try a few bites. It wasn't as funny as watching Millicent and Asa eat their first foods.  They shivered. We laughed.  The video footage is shaking from laughter.  Good times!

Spaghetti. I know.  You've never heard of giving a baby spaghetti for their first food? Well meat is good for them.  And it was whole wheat pasta.  WAY better than that gross cereal.  Would you eat that stuff?  We just feed our babies whatever we eat, with modifications.  No one has died yet and they are all adventurous eaters.  I have this KidCo baby food mill.  Whatever we are having that she can't finger, I grind in that and feed to her.  I give lots of finger foods, too.  I also don't start them eating until I am sure they are ready.  There is no harm in giving them meat. Or whatever you want.  I do not buy baby food.  EVER.  I do buy baby-ish finger foods like crackers that dissolve easily or fruit snacks.  And (see there it is again) I usually buy all organic whenever I can.  It works for us.

So we had a nice family dinner last night and this is what happened afterward:

According to Ashlea, who could see Mill's face clearly, she was petrified.

Now here is a not petrified face:

Boys.  Go figure.

Speaking of boys.  I can't get this one potty trained.  Last night we made in-roads.  He told us he was peeing in his underwears, just as he was peeing in his underwears. Hey, it's improvement.

You want to know who won the biggest loser?  Me too.  Only two people responded.  I hate to declare a winner between the three of us. So let's keep this open another day or two.  Friday, ready or not.

Breastfeeding is still going great.  Many of you know that with both my previous births I was not able to fully breastfeed and had to use a lactation device.  But not this time.  This time she is still nursing and fat and cute and biting me every chance she gets.  OUCH.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It does feel like razor blades.  But a dagger through the heart when I have to feed with a bottle hurts a lot less.  So bring on the razors.

Did you ever read this blog post?  Please go read that.  And pass it on to your friends on facebook and twitter and your bloggy friends.  We need to know and remember and be humbled. While you are there could you say a little prayer for Hannah?  I love her like I love one of my own children.  She has been such a big part of our family.  Right now she is going through some really difficult times and my heart breaks for her.  She needs our prayers. 

I have the best friends in the world.  Thank you all to those who have sent gifts to Ashlea and for all the well wishes and prayers.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my mommy heart, thank you.  You know who you are!!!!

Lastly, have I told you we might be moving?  I can't reveal more than that yet.  It's not a DONE deal, just an almost done deal.  I will reveal the location as soon as it's set.  You will be surprised!

Ta-ta for now.


Mom's Place said...

All I can say is it better be Washington! I would LOVE to meet you! And since that is where I am moving next month, well, you need to as well!
Such cuteness!!!!! I love cuties! I have 5 of my own! And yes, my almost 11 year old is sometimes cute! LOL!

Melissa said...

Sweet baby! And how old is Jerusha? Already talking??? Ethan just started talking. He's 19 months. Anyway, you should move to Austin!

Melissa said...

OH, Ethan LOVES to be tossed in the air by his daddy. Mommy can't/won't do it.

Milburns' said...


Love you! Love the update!!!

The Simple Life said...

What a cute grandbaby you have! Of corse the other kids are cute too!

Veronica said...

You have such a beautiful family! So blessed!