Monday, April 12, 2010

UBP 2010 Biggest Loser winner--Christy

So what's a party without games?  Let's play the Biggest Loser.  I win.  Just kidding.  Christy wins.

I hope everyone feels good about their week.  Hope everyone worked out, exercised in some small way, and ate right.

I tried to drink plenty of water.  How did you do?  It really helped me feel fuller longer.  I also drank lots of coffee...and we all know what coffee does...You know...go.

The thing I learned this week is that I need to find the foods that are most filling with fewest calories.  DUH.  But I'm a slow learner.

I had several people want to join...and anyone is welcome...but they didn't leave me their email address. If you sent me your weight, can you send me your email address?  Thank you.

Our pot is $25 in gift certificates.  If you've thought about using your Swagbucks for something this would be a great thing to use them for.  Donating $5 to the pot WILL motivate you.  This week I only had one small dessert because I didn't want to lose because I've got some money riding on this.  I'm cheap!

Come back on Wednesday for a big challenge with a prize. Also, if you'll fan Blessed Quiver on facebook or Twitter I'll be posting daily exercise challenges to get us moving.  A few of us did some last week and it was so fun and motivating I thought we should continue. 

On to the winners.  I have NOT gotten everyone's weight.  So check back ON THIS POST throughout the day. I will update as new stats come in.

Christy    5.23%
Jill           2.26%
Amy       1.67%
Me         1.60%
Amber    1.23%
Tara        1.18%
Yara       1.16%

Mary        .74%


Jill said...

anything with fiber will make you feel fuller longer, if ya didnt all ready know. I try and snack on veggies or something healthy in between meals if I am starving. It is suppose to boost metabolism too! I have had a hard time with my water, that is my biggest challenge so far. I got some crystal light to give it some flavor and its getting me to drink a little more.

Stephanie Faris said...

YAY. Congrats. That's awesome! I'm officially in maintenance now, so life is a little better...100-200 more calories a day. I was doing a difficult 1000 calories a day for the past two months.

Trudy said...

Congrats to the winners..wish I wasn't still preggers, I would join in!

Keep up the great work ladies!

Anonymous said...

Ok here's my email...

starting weight 206.6

do you still want us to work on points from the list you posted last week or was that just a one week thing?

<3 Anna

Christy said...

michelle wanted me to write what i did to lose so much in one week so here ya go...
no soda no sweets no fast food (i did have sweet coffee everyday thou) and friday we cheated and ate out but the rest of the time i just ate right for the first time in my life!!! and i rode my bike for 15-25 minutes a day! i have been SHOCKED at how fast its comming off!!! i hope it continues cause i'll be at my goal soon if so its not easy but it will be worth it when i get there!! i have already went down to a loose 9/10 from a TIGHT 12!! i also snacked on alot of greek yogurt its very filling and yummy ;)

MCMFamily said...

Hi, my email address is Starting weight 136. Weight today 135.2. Beans, flaxseed, veggies, protein all help fill you up and keep you full. My biggest challenge is avoiding sugar as much as possible. And since i am breastfeeding exsculsilvey I feel SO hungry alot of the time, so I do tend to overeat at times. I also need to drink more water.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Congrats! Thanks for stopping by and visiting a few posts.

Kelly said...

Grrrr ya'll just wait till the next weigh in. JUST WAIT!

Kim said...

Hi Michelle, Is your blog about weight loss all of the time? I need to get some motivation and would like to join in. Would you please let me know. (I found you because I'm also doing a CSN givewaway.)

Yara said...

Cool I will be riding my bike next week : )

Liz said...

Very Cute blog! Glad to find you through the UBP!!

Staci said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definitely have to try the oatmeal recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Mom's Place said...

Congrats to everyone! I couldn't believe that I actually lost something in the first week! I can really get into it now too! Hubby is out of town for 4 weeks! Look out!