Friday, April 2, 2010

Let the games begin-Biggest Loser

Are you ready?  I'm about to kick your behind!

This week I have a giveaway sponsored by CSN stores. Check out this fitness ball.  CSN stores sell ALL kinds of products:  beds, corner TV stands, toys, exercise equipment.  You name it!  Pay them a visit to show our appreciation!

The way to win this ball is to have the most points by next Friday.  I'm going to close the comments for THIS post. But you have all week to sign up. Email me at jeff n michelle (no spaces....afraid of spammers) @ duracom (dot) net. If you email me then no one will know how many points you've earned.  If there is a tie I will do a random number.

However, your points will accrue throughout the 12 week challenge and there will be a prize at the end of the contest for the person with the most amount of points, as well as the person who loses the most (based on percentages.)

We will do our next weigh in Monday, April  12.  I will post the biggest loser for the week and the smallest loser. Don't be the smallest!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!  Kelly 1 is the winner.

Here are the ways to earn points to win the ball (1 point per activity unless stated otherwise):

  • Join the game by sending me your weight.
  • Take your measurements. 
  • Take a before picture and send to me or for five points, post it on your blog.  (Now I have five points...see, I'm kicking your behind.)
  • Spread the word by twittering or facebooking. (I just made that up and it will be all the rage now.)  Earn one point per twitter, up to five a day.
  • Stumble me (or use any of those social media thingys that get my blog noticed, thereby getting us more players).
  • For five points, take my box (at the top) and place it on your blog.
  • For ten points, blog about the contest.
  • For ten points, get a friend to join you.  Ten points per friend.  Just be sure to have them tell me who sent them.
  • Earn twenty points by donating something to the "pot" for prizes.  Anything will work.  Have you been earning swagbucks or mypoints all year?  A gift certificate from either of them would be great for the final pot.  The more you invest in this the greater likelihood you'll stick it out to till the end.   Have something you make?  That would make a great intermediary prize. 
I will be IN the competition right along with you.  (I won't be winning the ball, but I will be tallying my points. I'll post all the points for this competition next Friday. Can you trust me with my own points...I have been known to cheat at Trivial Pursuit.)  And I'm working hard to get us lots of prizes.  This weeks contest is just for y'all.  I already have an exercise ball...and you are going to want one because I'm going to do some challenges with an exercise ball.

We'll be doing different challenges along the way (which will earn us points) and talking about ways to lose weight, exercise and get healthy.  I'm super pumped.