Friday, March 26, 2010

Google Reader AKA Get over here

Guess what I just learned about?  If you said Google Reader you win.  Nothing.

Why come nobody told me about this sooner?

Basically, I can read as many blogs as I can find in a day and never have to worry about missing out on the good stuff.

The downside, you aren't visiting my blog.  WHO KNEW????

Who knew there were people reading my blog who were not coming to visit and thereby not being counted by my statcounter?  WHO KNEW?

You, yes, you.  Right now you are reading this in your convenient little Google reader instead of visiting my blog.  I've got awesome stuff on my blog.  Didn't you know that?


Books I've read this year...see what you're missing out on?


Because you might want to join and claim yourself some free books.

Or what about:

Yeah, that's my grand baby right there.  True, this picture isn't actually up on my blog yet. But you wouldn't have known anyway because you aren't visiting my blog.  And did you know I have NEW pictures of all my kids in the sidebar?  I change them every month.

And what about Vision Forum or Kelly's diapers or gotta check out BlogHer.  They are asking my readers to answer a quick survey, about 7 minutes is how long it took in my house...that would mean 25 interruptions which amount to:

Mom, I can't find my pencil.

Mom, Kori is being mean to me.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Mom, the cat is in again.

Mom, cartoons...which actually sounds more like rabid cat in heat.  But you get the picture.

All that to say, take the survey as both of us could win a trip to BlogHer '10.

And also don't forget about the "youknowhose" ad in my sidebar.  That you need to click on occasionally so I can earn half a cent a year or something big like that.

But today this post isn't about talking you into to clicking and buying.  No, I have a bigger goal in mind.


Yes, people, comments.  I know it's a lot of work to click on the title of this post in your Google Reader.  (I just like saying google.)  But it's going to be worth it.

EVERY single comment I get today I will visit your blog. (I don't know anyway to say that without it sounding like I am bad with grammar and stuff.)  Twice, if you want.  But I will visit.  AND, if everyone would visit the person who commented ahead of you, you'll get two visits.

Won't that be fun.

Comment about ANYTHING.

The weather, your summer vacation, how cute my kids are, what a great mom/wife/friend/blogger (you get it) I am...I mean you are, ask a question, tell me about what you bought last week...oooohhhh a good recipe.  You get it!  ANYTHING.  But do, please, comment.

I expect 1000 comments today, because that's how many people read my opposite land, that is.


Mom's Place said...

I read here on your blog!!! I wonder if there is a way to find out how many people are reading our blogs via google reader or what ever. Hmmmm.

Jen said...

Yes, I am guilty of reading your blog through my google reader but look I am here and COMMENTING!!!

I got your comment about the blog button. Yes, I'd be happy to create one for you. Email me and tell me what you are thinking and I'll work on it this weekend.

Right now I am not doing any blog design but I could recommend some names of some great ladies who have started a business recently! I am sure they would love your business!!

Have a great day! I am promise to click on over more often so I can see your cute kiddos!!


Stephanie Faris said...

I've never done the Google Reader but I knew some read that way. Is it better?

Trudy said...

You know...I always visit the blogs even though I subscribe to the posts in Google Reader, I rarely just read them there. It's too much fun to check out the blogs and see all the haps!

I hope you get lots of visitors today Michelle!

Have a blessed weekend.

Rebecca Jo said...

You are totally cracking me up with this post!!!!

But I do love my Google Reader... I think I have like 300 blogs listed in it... so many great ones out there!

Kara said...

What is your advice to a new wife and "step-mother" who is trying to balance work, home, church, bible study, and everything that goes along with this new life?

Melissa said...

LOL! I've been to my Google Reader but I don't like it. I always read on your blog.

Good luck with those 1000 comments!

Stam House said...

You are hilarious my dear!
Love the picture of you Grand baby!!!

so here is the comment to add to your collection today :-)

Nessa said...

I use reader - but I didn't know that stats wouldn't show.

I still come and visit - my google reader is slow on loading the pictures - so I use reader as a link to the new posts.

Cute belly grammy.

Noelle said...

Here I am...all the way from google leave you a comment.

I hope you reach your 1000 mark!

Bon said...

Hi there - I'll take your offer of a visit to my blog in return for a comment, and raise you a follow?? ;) My mother is the only follower I hoo!! :P

You mentioned good recipe in things we could comment about, well, I wrote a post about a St Patty's Day Dinner... it was DELICIOUS!! And I'm a terrible cook... so, trust me - the recipe is good!! Check it out! :)

Emily said...

I'm a blog reader...never even heard of google reader until today! Ashlea's baby is looking beautiful...a nice bump, as it should be! =)

Yara said...

EVERY single comment I get today I will visit your blog. (I don't know anyway to say that without it sounding like I am bad with grammar and stuff.)


For every single comment I get today, I promise I will go visit the commenters blog.

Brodricks said...

Love love love google reader! It is nice for the organization. I still try and comment as often as I can though!

Kelly said...

Ok, so I'm on a vacay, so I'm not reading all of your comments. If someone has already said this I'm sorry. But hey, at least I'm adding towards your 1000 comment goal. Anyways, subscribe to your own blog by adding your feed to your reader. Then click on your blog name to bring up your posts. Then in the top right there is a "show details" button. Click on it and it should show you how many people are subscribed to your blog. I have 2 for each blog. SO COME ON PEOPLE AND SUBSCRIBE TO ME!!

Andrea said...

I'll admit it! I love google reader too. :) It saves me a lot of time...BUT that said, whenever I see a post that I want to comment on I definitely go over and comment!

Now...onto a 110% different topic that has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post. haha. I've been looking into the whole 'cutting of the umbilical cord' thing since we're having a baby in 7 weeks or so...and I've found lots of info. on all the benefits of NOT cutting it. Wish I'd known those sooner. There is one thing though that I couldn't really find - and I know you don't cut the cord until it stops what I'm wondering is - how long does it normally take for the cord to stop pulsing? And when you had Asa in the hospital did they let you just keep him 'attached' until whenever you wanted? Our hospital here is pathetic - always SOOOO rushed and never wanting to slow down or wait for anything, but I want to make them wait to let the cord pulse this time...though I'm not sure how LONG they'll go along with my idea for so I'm just kind of wondering if you know what the "normal" amount of time that the cord pulses for. Thanks!! :)

Luschka said...

I subscribe through google reader. I HATE that it doesn't count towards your stats and think Google should fix that, but regardless - I generally try to read everything in my reader, but when I want to comment, I obviously open the page. I wish google reader had an easier way of commenting directly though.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Well, I have never even looked at Google Reader.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Okay, here is one comment closer to 1000!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!! :) Your blog rock da Blog-ouse!

Stacey said...

I just found your blog, but I totally didn't know that those with google reader didn't count on the stat counter! Cute blog! I'll definitely be back!

Your eldest said...

I don't have a blog but I just wanted to point out that you didn't get 1000 comments. Ha.. Sorry.