Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey, Mom; Hey, Corey

 I walked outside (IN THE BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE) the other day and this is what Millicent was doing.

Where have I been all week?  Killing a virus.  A computer virus!!!  Every time I tried to do anything it would stop me.  I couldn't open the internet, print, or read emails.  And whenever I tried, porn popped up in a browser.  Not always pictures (though my eyes are scorched); usually the website with a restriction on it.  Thank heavens for that.

Anywho, this one goes out to my mom and sister who are right now driving to the their local library to borrow the internets from the librarians.  MOM, get a computer.  Seriously.  Get one.  Corey, talk to mom about that.

As I was saying, they are on their way to see Jerusha, and I thought I'd upload a bunch of pictures for them.  She's even in cuter in person.  See you soon.

This post is PICTURE HEAVY.

Mom, if you are having a hard time getting it to load, click on the title of the post and it will bring up just this page. But be sure and scroll down the main page because there are more pictures throughout and lots from Ju's births.

Here ya go:

 This was a few days after Valentines Day.

Asa cleaning up after our photo shoot.

 Trying to get a cute picture of the two of them together
 Could they look any more alike?  Yes, that is Mill "smiling" for me.
Take a picture of me like this Mommy. Mommy says, please smile.

AWE!  He's so cute.
 Mill LOVES JuJu.
 Look how fat!
 A little smile...they are hard to capture on film.

 There's that smile!



Corey n Mom said...

Hey sis!! Ahhh! Jerusha is absolutely beautiful!!! She's so big. My goodness. lol. Ash isn't as big as me unless thats an older pic. She'll make up for it. Tehee. Well I love all of you very much!!!! Give all my nieces and nephew a great big kiss n hug! MMMMMwha!

Emily said...

Try bsecure. It is a fantastic filter/virus protection program. We have had it for 5 years, and have not seen a single piece of porn. I am online all day for work, and not a single problem in 5 years. I believe the cost is somewhere around $50 per year, and is well worth the investment. You can set the filter to block all kinds of things. Mine even blocks ads on Facebook! Anyhoo, you can download it at
Good luck! =) By the way, I love the photos of the kiddos. You have gorgeous kids.

Stam House said...

Jerusha look so grown up in these picture! They do grow fast don't they?

And that virus sound like a nasty one!!!

Trudy said...

Beautiful pics! Glad you got everything fixed up with the computer, we've missed you!

The Redhead Riter said...

The last pic is my favorite!

You have received something special at my blog posting

I hope you have a great weekend.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That kitty looks VERY loved! And so do those kidsies! :)

LivinginLilliput said...

beautiful kiddos!! :)