Monday, December 28, 2009

And it's a dud

photo from

I used this photo again because I wanted you to get a look at how good I look right now. Yeah, this is a picture of me trying out the birth pool. YEAH RIGHT! No, the real picture is over there on the right hand side of my blog. You can see, no resemblance.

So no baby. No more contractions. BUMMER!

Today is the 28th and I really want to have the baby today to follow our birthday pattern.

My uterus is cranky. My back hurts again. I want to hold my baby.

It should be soon, because the baby is still not as active as it was.

I'm going to the bathroom...."going".... a lot. Like every time I eat, it...well, you know where I'm headed with this line of talk.

My belly is so low that I no longer look nine months pregnant. You could mistake me for six or so months. It's not round like a basketball, it's more sloopy. (You know that word, right?)

But I'm still thinking it could be weeks because I haven't seen the mucus plus.

According to my friend Holly, she's never had her mucus plug lost or found, or however you want to put it. But I have EVERY single either this labor is very different....or I'm a long way off.

You probably won't hear from me much over the next week or so, unless I have labor updates. But don't hesitate to update me on how you are doing.


Melissa said...

My little man's 1st birthday is today so it's a great day to have a baby!
Good luck to you! If you can get to a Sonic and eat Chili Cheese French Fries that may help :)

Trudy said...

My goodness...I can't imagine you could have gotten much lower than your last posted pic, wow! I hope it is soon for you Michelle.

Things on our end are going ok...we are exactly halfway through hasn't been moving much the past couple days though. I am only slightly concerned because I don't have a real mover anyway...I only feel movements a few times a day, sometimes more but it's been very infrequent lately. I will be happy to have the u/s next week to see that everything is ok.

Praying that things go quickly for you dear!

Milburns' said...

you look FAB Michelle!!!! Keep it up mama! SOOOO CLOSE!!!!

Julie Cole said...

Oh Michelle - so close!! good luck and I can't wait to hear your happy news. Thanks for popping by I appreciate it!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Good luck! Hope you and the baby remain safe and healthy!

adrienzgirl said...

I hope your delivery is everything you want it to be. Can't wait to hear your happy news!

{ L } said...

You are SO close!!

By the way, I really like the descriptions you gave of your kids in the right sidebar. :)

EMILY G. said...

hang in there momma!! my thoughts are with you! i got online just to check and see what was going on with you!! lol!

brooke lynn said...

it won't be long now! hang in there girl!
praying for you! :)

Darcel said...

I do not look forward to that time.
I didn't lose my plug with my 1st, but I did with my 2nd.

With my 2nd her head was so low, it hurt to sit down. Hope the baby comes soon for ya! Can't wait to read your birth story and see pics!

Matt & Alisha said...

Been thinking of you! Hope everything goes well! I will continue checking in on you. With the snow that we are supposed to get today/tonight it could be interesting!!!

Yara said...

New years baby?

Mom's Place said...

I was just checking on you! I'm telling you, this one wants to be the first 2010 baby!

Misty M. said...

I haven't seen a mucus plug with either of my other two and nothing yet this time either. But that seems to just be my way. I guess they dissolve very slowly or something.
Hope you have some progress very soon! It won't be much longer... the new year and the new babies will be along shortly!

Tooj said...

I, thankfully, have no idea what my plugs have looked like. I prefer to keep it that way.