Sunday, December 27, 2009

Am I in labor? Maybe, maybe not

Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? We had a blizzard and my husband did not make it home. YEP. He fortunately had made it to his parents house instead of being stuck at work. But we didn't see him till the afternoon of Christmas day. We just had Christmas a day late.

BUT that is NOT the point of this post. The point of this post is because I'm possibly in labor.

The night before last, we got stranded....told you, a blizzard....and we had to walk about two miles in the snow and ice. (It wasn't currently snowing or icing, just that it was on the road.) We actually didn't have a terrible time, like it sounds. I was with my husband. And we usually have a good time together. The blizzard had knocked out the internet until just now.

I had a funny joke for him. He was really concerned that I would fall on the ice, so he walked in front of me and pointed out slick spots. When we were cresting a hill, I just didn't think I could go too much further. So he decided to go get the car since it wasn't nearly that far any longer and the road was pretty smooth. I thought about laying down on the ice and telling him I fell. But that would have entailed laying down on the ice...and I was exhausted. So I didn't play that funny joke on him. Which, by the way, he said would have been absolutely NON hysterical.

Anyway, there is a point to this post.

That night I had cramps for several hours and thought they might be labor cramps. But instead it was my...well to put it yeah, after I "went" I felt better. And boy did I go...if you know what I mean. (And that's a sign of labor...emptying out.)

So last night we went out to eat and I had several bites of the hottest hamburger on record.

Then we came home and contractions started at about six minutes apart. We stayed up a little while to see if there was a pattern. Knowing that I have the longest labors in the world, we decided we might as well try to sleep.

I did pretty good sleeping between the contractions. We were pretty sure they were the real thing. I was sweating from the contractions and on top of the covers AND it was about 65 degrees in our room. The baby had slowed down it's movements yesterday (which is another sign of labor) so I was pretty sure!

I hadn't seen any mucus yet but at one point when I was going potty for the millionth time, I could feel something that I assumed was an amniotic leak, but could just as easily have been the mucus plug.

But then I got a few hours sleep and labor stopped.

I got up this morning SUPREMELY disappointed that I wasn't having a baby...even if today IS the 27th and doesn't fit the pattern of birthdays in our family. (But tomorrow will.)

Now they have picked up again. I'll keep you updated here. Also check twitter.

Currently we are readying the house for the birth, just in case.


Yara said...

Go baby go! yeah!!!!

Misty M. said...

It is getting close to time alright. I have been dilated 3 cm's for a week and a half now. I have another checkup tommorrow and only a couple of weeks left before my due date. Glad to make it past Christmas. Looks like you are going to go first!

Kathy said...

AAAGH!!!! SOOO exciting!! Isnt it amazing how time totally slows down and you really feel like you'll NEVER get a baby. Like its some sick joke on you. It wont be long now, promise:)

Kelly said...

you need to get on twitterfeed or something so when you post, twitter sends out a tweet about it. I'm so excited you seem to be getting so close!