Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advent - Christmas Eve Eve

Today's Advent:

Make a birthday banner

We've never done this for Christmas before...but we made a banner for Jeff when he returned from Korea and it was so fun. I thought everyone might enjoy doing it again. For the record, we got one of those HUGE paper rolls from the newspaper office for about $2 and it lasts forever. It's perfect for these kinds of crafts.

Christmas Eve Eve here has some significance. We buy three family gifts (as well as three gifts per person). On Christmas Eve Eve we open the first family gift, the second the next evening and the big family gift on Christmas morning.

Now on to my pregnancy ails:

MY BACK HURTS. SO MUCH! And remember how I was bragging about how great I was sleeping...and some of you said, enjoy it while you can. Okay, nobody said that but I know you were thinking it. It's over. I'm waking up every. single. hour. all. night. long. Feel my angst.

The baby is so amazingly low I don't know how it's not falling out. For me, I have a big old basketball stomach all right out in front. Now the top part of my stomach is flat...okay, so that's a major exaggeration, maybe flat isn't the right word here, less round, maybe. You can't even feel the baby at the top part of my stomach anymore.

Hey, did I tell you my back hurts? I'm going to the chiropractor as soon as it opens.

Here is a weird thing I found out yesterday.

I conceived this baby two years, to the day, I conceived Asa...that's not the weird thing, I already knew that. However, I conceived Mill two weeks before them (and some years). But what I discovered is that my mucus plug started coming out with Millicent exactly as far along as I was with Asa. Then about ten days later I went into labor with her. We knew Asa was early (he was induced due to preeclampsia), and now we think he was probably two weeks early. SO, if we follow the same pattern, this baby will be born in about three weeks and some days.

If I know, maybe I wont be so anxious.

What about you? Have any of you had similar labors like that? Or am I hoping for too much?

One more back hurts.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

(And no, I haven't watched the Survivor finale but I'm watching it tonight.)


Stam House said...

Hope your back feels better soon, but I usually have bad backaches a few days before I have baby so it could be a good signs!

First baby mucus plug came out about 3 weeks before baby was born (and had contraction for about 8 weeks before labor start) I means Braxton Hicks contraction at every 5 min for weeks night and days!!!!
She was born 2 weeks early and drop around 34 weeks.

Second baby about a week before my water broke I had some small leaks (no mucus plug) huge pressure when I was walking or standing, huge amount of energy then it happen at 33.4 weeks my water broke, was sent to total bed rest until reach 34 weeks, was aloud to walk that day and a few hour later Baby #2 was born!

Sorry I/m not much help to you!

Mom's Place said...

I don't remember any tell tale signs with my kids. They were all different. With #5 though, I was in active labor 3 different times, for 2 weeks. I had had enough, was tires, and hurting so we schedules an induction. Walked in in active labor and didn't even know it! Couldn't feel anything!

I tell you! These babies as of late are stubborn!

Kmama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your children are beautiful.

I hope the chiropractor can help you out. I remember the back pain. Oh, the back pain.

Trudy said...

Ugh...I hope you don't have to wait 3 more weeks! Too bad you can't get some druge at the chiro, LOL. My back is already starting to hurt too, but I've been doing a lot of cleaning and Christmas prepping around the house. I just need a good solid four days of rest now, LOL!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope you feel better soon!

The banner idea is great!

Stopping by from SITS!

Stam House said...

I was thinking about having a quiver full and homemaking and the place of a women at home etc.. and I wrote a post about it!

I think that your family are very blessed indeed by your flowing God plan for you!



holly said...

Have no clue 'bout no mucous plug...never lost one, never saw one, almost think they are just a figment of people's imagination. LOL! Seriously....8 babies and nary a mucous plug be...sorry. no help there, huh?

Kelly said...

I remember when JonStevin dropped, there was a big empty spot at the top of my belly. It was weird, I could press in it and there would be nothing here.