Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent - 9 Days until Christmas

Ah, yes, is that not the most precious picture you've ever seen? I LOVE it. One of my all time favorites of Jeff and Asa...and I have a lot. (Thanks, Hannah.)


Lest you think I'm some super organized, fantastic mom who always remembers to do everything and gets everything done in a day. I have no Advent activity for the day. TRUE!

See, when I was making the cards out I thought I had one too many. SO I took it out. Today when I went to see what today's activity is it was the wrong day. Today's card is actually tomorrow's. Oh well. We'll use today to catch up on things we didn't finish on other days.

Blessing Jar

Make place cards for everyone

Since my due date is rapidly coming around I hope no one minds if I give updates whenever I feel like it...being that it's my blog and my baby and my pregnancy and I'm pretty much uncomfortable all of the time and someone needs to feel my pain with me and tell me they know just how I feel.

Yesterday I finished my Christmas shopping and the wheelchairs were looking mighty good to me. Seriously. Stop laughing. I'm NOT joking. I really considered getting one.

About half way through...okay, who am I kidding....while I was still in the toy department with about two things in my basket, I texted Ashlea and told her I should have brought her. (I couldn't bring her though because I still had gifts to get her.) She told me she knew. (Teenagers, they DO know everything, I guess.) But reminded me that she could come back with me the next day and not to overdue it.

Too late. I already had. Yes, I'm that pregnant.

So I finished Christmas shopping and got ONLY the essentials we would need for food today. (Giveaway that I was in Walmart, huh? No choice, I live in Smallville, America.) I was so sore. My BACK. Oh my goodness. How can one's back hurt as bad as mine does. I HAVE to go to the chiropractor today. My back, very low, right in the middle, at the tailbone, feels like someone has hit it over and over with a hammer. OH MY GOODNESS. Seriously! It hurts.

I text my sweet daughter to complain again, because she's feeling my angst and commiserating with me. I tell her I honestly don't know how I'm going to get the stuff out to the car. She tells me to ask for help.

Okay, anyone who knows me KNOWS I will NOT ever ask for help. The house has to be on fire. Someone has to be dead in front of me. The car has to have flipped over twelve times. You get me. I don't ask for help.

This should tell you how bad I hurt last night.

I asked for help. From a perfect stranger.

After standing in line about ten minutes...TEN MINUTES...Walmart can you get some more cashiers??? I began putting the things I could reach onto the belt. Then as the cashier was freed up I told him that I needed some help. Could I just leave the heavier stuff in the cart and let him ring it up? I told him that my back was just killing me and that I was really sorry to have to ask but I just didn't think I could do it. Yes, I went on and on and on just like that. I couldn't help myself.

He told me it was no problem at all and that HIS wife was pregnant and due in a few weeks and knew just how I feel. So he rang up everything in my cart and stacked the groceries in there for me.

Then as I was walking out, wondering if I could even make it to the car, much less put the stuff into it, the lady who checks the receipts asked if I needed help. I could have fallen over. I said yes, please, please. (Asking for help once is my quota. I wasn't about to ask again.)

So she called someone over to carry my groceries out. Even though it was cold, and I felt bad that he was loading my stuff, I told him I was going to get in the van.

Okay, well that's not exactly true. I asked him twice if that was okay. Hey, I'm NOT good about asking for help or accepting it.

He tells me of course and that he knows exactly how I feel because his girlfriend is due any day now too. NO WAY! Two nice guys with preggos at home. What are the chances? That was my gift from Jesus for Christmas.

Then I soaked in the tub for an hour.


holly said...

Don't you know, Michelle?? When one is pregnant, EVERYONE is pregnant too!! I mean, at least it feels like that for me, everywhere I look is a pregnant mommy. They are taking over the world!!!!!!!!! :)

Mom's Place said...

Oh goodness!!!! I remember that feeling ALL too well!

Trudy said...

Oh, the things I have to look forward to, LOL! I'm glad you got the help you desperately needed. God is good, huh?

Marcy said...

Near the end of my 2nd pregnancy I had that pinched nerve down on the right side of my tailbone. I know you remember me talking about it on the group. I walked with a limp and could not function 100%. It was awful!!! BUT, the Webster certified chiropractor is who saved me! I only had one adjustment, but the next day, my pelvis released its hold on that nerve and I was SO relieved!!!!!! Is your chiro Webster certified? Hang in there, you are almost through. Just labor and birth to go through yet. LOL!!!!

adrienzgirl said...

I think that Hannah outdid herself with the photo shoot. You really did get some of the best shots! That one of Jeff and Asa is timeless! Love it!

lemonologie said...

Aw, what a sweet photo!

I felt that way too!