Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent - 18 days before Christmas

I forgot to post yesterday's Advent. PLEASE forgive me. I don't usually blog on Sunday because we stay pretty busy. So this Saturday I intend (you know, intend??) to put Sunday's activity up with Saturday's activity, which I'm also not used to posting.

Sunday's Advent

Call someone JUST to tell them you love them.

Sounds easy, but often times they think you've called for a reason. Your only reason is to say, "I love you. Bye." (Let us know how this goes.)

Today's Advent

Puzzle day

Just get out a bunch of puzzles and work on them all day and throughout Christmas. We usually set them up in the corner of a floor somewhere so we don't have to worry about moving them. Honestly, in all the years of doing Advent, we've never even come close to completing a puzzle.

We had a fun, Christmas filled weekend. Jeff wanted to know if we could do something July 4th ish today.

What about you? Is the holiday invading your time yet? I LOVE it.


kel said...

I have not done a puzzle in the longest time!! I love this idea!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for the reminder and great advice. Hold on as I go and call my brother again =)

Yara said...

No Christmas til SUnday!
Though I'm ready, just need to go get a tree that morning & I have all my decorations ready.

adrienzgirl said...

I found some small Christmas puzzles and Kamden is loving them!!!!