Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent - 15 days left till Christmas

Today's activity:


We usually do salt dough and make handprints for everyone and then paint them. Since my tree is pretty much a decoration for the kids I enjoy hanging their creations on it.

I also try to buy a few little things to make as well as scour the internet for creative options.

I really don't have much planned today. Family Fun magazine had some little toy soldiers to make from toilet paper holders so we'll probably do those. Other than that, I'm out of ideas. So please, if you have any EASY, I mean, EASY ideas for crafts, please share. We like to give them away too.

Also everyone draws a secret name (within just our family) and we make a gift for them. So today is a good day for someone to figure out they can make their secret person something.

Blessing Jar

Read to someone younger

The older girls do this about half the time...but that's not quite enough. Yesterday everyone willingly and quickly read to the little ones. They got read to a lot. They LOVED it.


Yara said...

Just saw this. My kids made reindeer paper chains.
Because we are more awesome than you.
No, kidding.
We are all equally awesome.
Disneyland gave us the reindeer chains. I havent put them up yet.
I also got a set of crafts at Joann Fabrics, I know one is a snowman, one a penguin. I dont know what the other one is. And wood decorations the kids color themselves.
I have a bunch of toilet roll things saved. I havent looked at my Family Fun though. Those kids keep taking up my time : P
Okay- I need to skadoodle!

Kara said...

We are going to do a blessing jar I think. I want to do it at our house. With the 3 grown women and 2 small kiddos it would be great for us to live the example and not just expect them to "be good". We have to teach by example and do our part. I can't wait to have a family!!

Mom's Place said...

My kids are drawing names today as well!