Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pregnancy update...30ish weeks

I cannot believe there are only ten weeks left, or eight weeks, or twelve. However many it is, it's not much. And pretty soon I'm going to have a baby to hold.

I am pretty sure I'm having a girl and not twins like I had hoped. I'm feeling just one baby pretty regularly now. This baby is still a lot and doesn't move around too much. Which is why I think it's a girl. She/he/it doesn't like to be poked either. Do you know what I mean? At night when it starts moving around, I like to press on it and poke it and stuff. It's fun for me. It's how I interact. But that will make this baby stop moving. If you put your hand anywhere near that kid, it stops. This baby sounds like it's going to be different from the others, who only want to be touched and held and wiggled all the time.

I'm getting heartburn every night, just about. So I figure if it's going to wake me up every night anyway, I may as well make the best of it. Fried jalapenos, all the way.

Okay so I can't bend over any more. Can someone please get that bulletin to my family? Thank you.

Speaking of not bending over...wiping has become complicated. How do humungo fat people wipe?

Have I told you how gross my face is? I'm like a 15 year old boy. I am covered in pimples all over my face AND neck. Pregnancy is good to me.

While we are at it..have I told you I have restless leg and a backache. Do any of you have restless leg? Yes, it's real. Yes, I have it. It's like this. You are laying in bed, almost asleep. You get this feeling that something is crawling INSIDE your leg. You HAVE to move your leg to get rid of the feeling. Sometimes my leg will just jump on it's own, but usually I am the one wiggling it. I haven't noticed it anytime other than when I want to be asleep. I know some people get it 'when they are relaxing at night in front of the TV, and I have before during pregnancy. But this time has been nap time and bedtime only. I wake up with it...so maybe it's waking me up. The back doesn't bother me often. Usually a trip to the chiropractor clears that right up. Thankfully I'm not use to back pain in pregnancy. I think I waited to long to start going.

Ready for something the pregnancy books don't tell? Certain body parts get darker. If you are squeamish, stop reading this paragraph. I get the nipples getting darker. My once, pink/peach colored nipples are almost purple/black now. They are a target for the baby...I get it. But the OTHER area that turns purple/black? Why is that? So the doctor can find it better? If the doctor doesn't know which part the baby is coming out of, don't pay the dude. (I'm not. I'm having my baby at home.)

I seem to be nesting. I can't do it all though, so what I usually do is sit on the floor and assign tasks to the children. They LOVE helping this way. They are basically my legs. We work this way for hours until I can't go on anymore. Then my back hurts for the rest of the day and I'm exhausted. I keep forgetting how hard pregnancy is and that I'm suppose to take it easy.

No cravings! What is wrong with me? I've always had cravings. I love cravings. None.

Still loving pregnancy. My favorite part is knowing there is a human being inside of me and getting to know it. Did you hear that? THERE IS A HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF ME. Have you ever thought about that? I mean it? So weird. A HUMAN BEING. WOW!

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive or have a new baby update, be sure to update your blog and leave a comment letting us know. Everyone can visit you.


Annie@A View On Design said...

well I can live with not bending over, restless sleeps etc.. it was the leg calf cramps that sent me over the edge at night! owwwww

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

Ohhh wow you must be soo excited...only 10 weeks :) lucky girl...lovely blog by the way :)

Laura xxx from SITS

Stam House said...

Wow what a post!!!! End of pregnancy (as wonderful as it is) take a lots of you, from backaches to heartburn but the precious little baby growing is all worth it isn't it!!!!

So far my pregnancy seams to be like yours, feeling very bless but am not one of those lucky preggo ladies that feels better and look better when with child. I look like I have been hit by a bus and run over a few time LOL (I guess that is the look a overtired, nauseated mother of 2 young very active little goose look like)

I did update my blog and have now my first belly (very little bump) picture up!

Have a wonderful day


adrienzgirl said...

Pregnancy does a body good. Yeah, not so much. Seriously took a toll on mine. I wish my bladder still worked like it did pre-baby! :)

You'll soon get to hold the payoff though! Yeah!

Mom's Place said...

LOL!!! I'm not the only one that had trouble in the bathroom department! Seemed like each baby I carried lower and lower, making it harder and harder to wipe!

Yara said...

Kevin didn't move much while I was pregnant. It's okay, he's making up for it now double time. Oy that boy....
I gotta go, Kevin is calling me.
that leg thing you have sounds no fun : (

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Yea....sounds like the great last weeks of pregnancy. The best (and the worst) I loved, loved, loved feeling my babies moving around..probably the only thing I miss about being pregnant.

Kathy said...

I think it is really funny and obviously part of His plan how at the end of the pregnancy you are so uncomfortable and (Im grumpy) and just cant wait for childbirth :)

You are getting a baby!! A little squeaky baby in about 10 weeks! How amazing is that? Wowww!!!

Andrea said...

Oh yeah. Restless leg syndrome. Don't even get me started on that. This time around I've only had it for a few nights...but I'm not counting my blessings yet. I bet it's gonna be driving me nuts when I get farther along in my preg.! Btw, I can't wait to meet your little one either! I love babies...even if I only get to "meet" them online. :)

Misty M. said...

Oh girl, I know we are at the same spot in our pregnancies, and when you said 10 weeks and then reminded me that it could be 8 weeks, I was like... oh yeah. lol I shouldn't be counting on that whole ten weeks!
I am so about the nesting too, It is pumped up to the max right now too with my sons birthday in two weeks and then the holidays too! I am so stressed that I can't get the house ready for that much less the baby. I am so unable to delegate any work to my kids, they are just 3 and 18 months!
As you mentioned, bending over is out.. my hips joints are killing me and my husband is working two jobs right now so is gone from early morning till almost 9 at night and then he has to hit the sack early.
Sigh! (taking a deep breath) Gonna have to calm down and take it one small job at a time and then just accept the fact that the house, the birthday and the holidays might not be just how I want them, but baby will be coming in 8-10 weeks, ready or not! lol

Kara said...

Even with as awful as some parts sound, I cannot wait to be pregnant.. the big belly, swollen feet and all!!! Maybe, just maybe one day... But Michelle... I do have something to share with you... ;) See you tonight.