Monday, November 16, 2009

Interview with: a VERY silly three year old

What do you think about having three older sisters? My big Ashlea, sister, I want to live with her, but she's way far away. And I can't go anywhere with her. Kati and Kori be mean to their little sister and little brother.

What do you think about being an older sister? I think I should still have mommy's milk because I'm an older sister. I think Asa should have Momma's milk.

What do you think the new baby will be? A boy, I mean, a girl. So when she grows up she'll be my sister.

What will you do with the new baby? Be mean to it, throw it on the floor, knock it off the crib. (She's joking.)

Will the new baby have mommy's milk? No. I mean, cold milk. Milk from the refrigerator.

Where will the baby sleep? In my bed.

What will the baby wear? Pajamas, all day and all night.

When will the baby be born? At Christmas.

Will the baby cry a lot or a little? a lot. I mean, a little.

Will Asa be nice to the baby? Yes.

Will you change the baby's diaper? Yes, all by myself.

What should we name the new baby? Apple Dumpling

What will the baby look like? A big soup.

I guess we are done here.


Kelly said...

Too funny!

Kara said...

Oh, I cannot wait until Apple Dumpling gets here!!!

McVal said...

Oh how cute! I remember when my 1st nephew was born, my youngest sister exclaimed, "This is so fun being an aunt! I can't wait until I'm an uncle!"
Good luck to you!

Mom's Place said...

LOL!! I love 3 year olds!!!

adrienzgirl said...

I guess you have a nickname for the baby now. Apple Dumplin'


BrambleRose said...

HOW FREAKING BRILLIANT to blog an interview with a child!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!

Thank you for the blog comment - it feels so good when you get something right as a parent every once in a while; I cling to those triumphs! lol!!!!!

BrambleRose said...

"so when she grows up she'll be my sister"


ps. i love the psalm at the top of the page - i have all boys!

Kara said...

I would love to try this interview thing but I don't want to be a "copy-cat", Michelle. And where do you get your interview ideas and questions? I love it!!!

BrambleRose said...

I think the name apple dumpling is a great one!

10 to 1 some celebrity will use it soon!

Your eldest said...

Awww. She can come live me! Lol. I hate when she say's I'm way far away. Ugh. And I love that she already knows sarcasm. That's my sister alright.