Monday, August 10, 2009

Pregnancy update...17 weeks and a few days...or ETERNITY

I'm bummed I wasn't turned completely sideways, so you can see the full extent of my baby belly. I'm really popping out now. And according to some (really nice) friends at church, I actually look pregnant instead of just fat. I'm not quite sure. I can see people looking at me and wondering, but no one is asking. Except one brave person...and since I'm pregnant I can't remember who or where.

Speaking of forgetting. I am. Everything. All the time. A few months ago I set a pan of eggs to boil to make egg salad sandwich. A few hours later I remembered I left eggs on the oven boiling. Yummy! I've never done that before.

And in the last few weeks I've lost numerous things...which I don't usually do. Let's see...I lost some camcorder disks I had just bought. And I was almost positive I remembered Jeff putting them away for me. (Because Jeff is ALWAYS forgetful like that, he thought he remembered too.) When they were found, it was obvious that that was not the case. Then I lost my calendar, FILLED with events and dates for September that I could not possibly remember on my own. (As distressing as this is to admit, during one pregnancy I went on a date with Jeff, ON my nieces birthday party. I forgot it completely.) The weird (or magical, mystical) thing (that seems to happen ALL the time around here) about the calendar is that it showed up in the exact spot where it should have been, a few days later, after I had already looked there numerous times. Little elves...go figure. Now, I'm certain there are other things I've forgotten but I can't remember them.

Jeff still holds the record for forgetfulness though.

Jeff: Where's Asa?

Michelle: (Starting to quickly walk down the hall of the church in search of him.) YOU ARE HOLDING HIM.

Jeff: Oh.

So you see, I'm not that bad, yet.

Well, what else about this pregnancy?

I threw up the other day. For no reason. My mother in law asked if I had the swine flu. I didn't. I'm just pregnant. Jeff stopped and let me throw up in someones yard, which was mortifying...but what's a preggo to do?

So the tally:

throwing up this month: three times
wetting the pants: none (there is something to be proud of)

I'm not having as many migraines. Which is good because Jeff came home and gleefully said, "You did laundry!" Because he had been doing all the laundry. My baby is going to have three arms and two heads and no liver from all the Excedrin I've been taking.

So I get past the migraines and my Symphysis Pubis Disorder kicks in. Otherwise known as someone smashing a baseball bat into your pelvic region every time you take a step. The only known cure is delivering, but you do get some relief from a chiropractor (and/or a massage therapist). The problem with that is I keep forgetting my appointments and now I'm too embarrassed to call and make an appointment. Guess I'll suffer.

I haven't gained too much weight...but you know what? I don't care how much weight I gain. I'm feeding a baby here. I'm eating mostly healthy and taking good care of myself (unless you consider not exercising not taking good care of oneself and if you do, you obviously aren't pregnant) so it really doesn't matter how much weight I gain. I'll gain as much or as little as I need.

I'm still pretty tired but not as bad. I need a nap a day. So sue me.

I think I felt the baby moving around...but it was just that once and not since. They say fluffy moms will not feel the baby move as early and I'm starting to believe that. I'm ready though. That's the best part and makes all the early misery forgettable.

I'm in all maternity clothes, in case you were wondering, from about four weeks on. What? I LOVE maternity clothes: elastic waists, big shirts, panties that don't ride up.

Let's not forget, I have pimples covering all of my face and neck and even behind my ears. MY EARS???? HOW??? I'm one of those people (don't hate) who hardly ever gets break know, just at that time of the month. I feel for people who do. I just don't. So now my face is making up for 35 years of no acne. ALL AT ONCE. I'm a monster.

How about you? We need an update and a picture. MUST NOT FORGET THE PICTURE. I'll give my public service announcement again.

Even if you think you've never looked more terrible, you WILL one day want to see pictures of yourself. And even if you firmly believe you never will, your children and family will. Take a picture a month as a gift to your baby. They will LOVE it. One a month is all I'm asking can't look worse than me.


Helen said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I stumbled across your blog today (I believe one of the blogs I follow, follows a blog that follows yours and the links just kept working, so I just kept clicking) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have only heard of being Quiverful within this last week, from an article about a family with 19 children. Last name begins with a D, might be Dugger, Duggan, or something, but they've been on TV... and suddenly, I'm finding it everywhere!

Although I'm pretty sure I can say I'm not precisely Quiverful, I have a few of the same thoughts, mainly I am willing to take as many children as I'm given, even though we're really only going to try for three. I have to tell you that you have a beautiful family, and yes, as a woman who is not a mother, I am a little jealous :) In any case, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog, and I'm happy to see a family doing so well even in a time when the world seems upside down.

The Thompsons said...

Haha you and me both huh? Thanks for stopping by..I will keep checking on your blog it!

Rhonda :)

Lisa Anne said...

You do look pregnant and not fat. So don't you even worry about that. We all feel fat when pregnant, though and with our new hormones ragging crying every now and then is totally acceptable. The whole memory thing, I don't think I ever got mine back. I'm still so forgetfull. I don't remember a thing, especially names or people. LOL

thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you come back soon. I'm going to check out more of your posts.

Yara said...

you look great.
thanks for the update, I really enjoy reading them : )

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Trust me girl, you are doing GOOD! I burned a pan of boiled eggs a few months ago and I'm NOT preggo. With my first, what a mess I was! You look awesome!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy - worth it in the end, though.

You definitely look pregnant, not fat.

Congratulations on your pregnany!

Lena said...

Well its nice to know what its called, that awful pain in my pelvis everytime I made a step in my last pregnancy... thanks... I get forgetful all the time, even when I am not pregnant, my husband has great memmory, he is the one who makes sure I have gas in my car, and my phone in my purse... you see I am bad. :))

The Royal Family said...

I love your updates! :0 Thanks for sharing!

EMILY G. said...

you look sooo pregnant! i love it! defeintly keep the updates coming! and thanks for the comment the other day! no worries about being "politically correct" to me i got what you were saying, and you are soo right!

Momma G.Love said...

Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy! I do not miss it one bit!

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

The Royal Family said...

I gave you an award!

Kelly said...

You look so cute! Congrats on not wetting the pants this month! :)

Jenny said...

You look great! LOL about having panties that don't ride up. I remember buying Hanes granny panties when I was pregnant. I also had to buy stretchy pants at 8 weeks, because I was so bloated!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Rhonda said...

Oh, preggo pictures. I carried all of my children in my butt and legs. No belly. I DID just look fat for the entire pregnancies! lol And the red, icky skin.

And the fatigue and memory problems.

And the sore feet and chocolate cravings.

On that happy note, enjoy the second half of your pregnancy!! lol

Twisted Cinderella said...

That is a great update. Much better than the ones I have written daily. I had been taking pics every four weeks this pg starting at 16 weeks, so I will try to keep that up. You do look great. I had symphisus Pubis Pain with my oldest daughter but not since. I am just dealing with these awful headaches this time around.

Trudy said...

What a wonderful idea to take the pictures for your child!

You look great Michelle!

jill said...

you are a comic. That was fun to read.
Just a motherly reminder;
remember that asprin thins blood and makes it harder to clot. Dont take it the last couple months of pregnancy at all.