Thursday, July 23, 2009

Writer's workshop--To know Him is to Love Him

The Prompts:

1.) They just don't make (fill in the blank) like they used to!
Anything. (I'm a deep thinker.)

2.) If you had the time and money...what charity would you help raise awareness for?
Moms who have five children and want to have weekly dates with their husbands but can't afford to hire a babysitter more than once a month.

3.) What are YOU giddy about?
Our vacation coming up in September.

4.)What's on YOUR little kids list?
I have NO idea what this means. What's on my list, thinking as a kid? What's on my smaller children's lists? I don't get it. Evidently it's too early to be up trying to do my blog post.

5.)Describe what brought you closer to your faith.


Describe what brought you closer to your faith.

I can't say there was a point where I was nearer or farther to my faith, for whatever "my faith" means. But I can tell you how I came to a saving faith.

I didn't have the happiest childhood or growing up years. It was pretty lonely and sad. I was unloved and felt unlovable. I made terrible choices and terrible things were done to me.

While I had people in my life who were Christians I didn't know who Jesus was. I knew who God was. And if you ever have a chance to hear my testimony you will understand that God KNEW who I was and had a powerful hold on my life. He saved me from so many trials. I lived through many, many more though.

As I said, there was never a point where I was a Christian and far away from God. I was always far away from God. Doing what I wanted to do, living the way I wanted to live.

When I had reached rock bottom and there was absolutely nowhere to go...nowhere but death...I looked up. It's a most amazing story.

I had reached the end of my rope...I was tired of life and didn't know where to go or what to do or who to ask for help. I'd used all my "Get out of Jail free cards" and no one wanted to help me anymore. A few days before I reached this point, I had met a lady in the store where I worked.

She began talking about things of God and church. Me, in my ultimate knowledge of all things God, told her how unimportant church was and how you can have a relationship with God without it. (I don't believe the Bible teaches that AT ALL.) So silly, I was. She invited me to church and gave me her husband's card. Honestly I thought I'd never see her again.

Then I sat there one Saturday night, as sad as I could be, and hungry for SOMETHING. I began calling everyone I knew. Then I came across her number. I called. I'll never know why I called this stranger.

I asked her if the offer was still open to go to church with her. REALLY! I had no plan to do that. I just did it.

I went to church with her that Sunday. That church and her and her husband showed me so much love. I felt connected in a new and different way.

I went back the next Sunday and Jesus called me. I sat there in my pew and cried and cried. And the weights of the world lifted from my shoulders. I became pounds lighter. I had a JOY I had never known.

I have stayed close to Jesus ever since. I've clung to Him. I have no choice. I would be back to where I was without Him.


I know my posts are usually fun and lighthearted....they can be because my life is fun and lighthearted and I don't take things too seriously. I can do that because I've been delivered from the worst life imaginable.

I would love to hear from you on this. While I don't feel comfortable giving details to the internet, just know that there is a lot there! And feel free to tell what you are comfortable with. I would love to see the internet LIGHT up with faith stories today. Truths of what Jesus can do in lives.


Jamie said...

Okay, your answer for #2?! I LOVE IT!
That is a charity I will fund any day (as soon as I have the cash:)!!

monica said...

Great writing. Very nice that you found Him! Stopping in from Writers Workshop!

Night Owl Mama said...

very nice post luv number 2
yes we should even for moms with 4 kids feeling overwhelmed

stopping by from the SITS to say Hello
Can u please help out with a comment on my post
Thank you

Trudy said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for your honesty and testimony! Don't you just love those joyful servants?! Praise God for your angels who invited you to church!

Thanks again for sharing this Michelle!

Nessa said...

Thanks for your post. What a moving story - strangers are really only strangers if we keep them that way in this world of ours.

Jennifer said...

Love your testimony! Thanks for the book suggestions on marriage!

Kristin said...

We've been going through a tough time lately. Thanks to my faith I've been able to appreciate how good I really have it despite the challenges. : )

Michelle said...

Oh yes, any number, not just five...LOL

Marrdy said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's. Loved your post. So glad your found what you were looking for.

Plus I read about turning the number of children over to Gos and had a flash back to 1978. I have a dear friend who did the same thing and ended up with 12 amazing children! What a great blessing for you.

Becky said...

What a neat story you tell~ especially for early in the morning:) How wonderful God put that lady in your path to help you find your way to Him!

Amazing previous post on quivering or whatever it is called. It is VERY interesting side that I like to hear about, I don't think I could do so graceful though. WOW. I also am interested in hearing your other side you said you have coming up.

Thank you SOOO much for all the comment love you sent my way on my SITS day! I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you! I am trying to faithfully go through each one on the list;)

Jenners said...

I'm glad you were able to find a way out of a difficult life and find one that allows you to be fun and lighthearted! That is always good to hear! : )

Summer said...

First of all, I am all about creating a ministry for date nights. =)

Second of all, I am completely intrigued about your must share one day!