Monday, July 27, 2009

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

Jeff this won't be pretty, and I beg you not to read it...which means that you will and later will make fun of me. Do you all have husbands like this?

Okay, so I was getting ready in the bathroom the other day in full sunlight. I'll occasionally get a chin hair, a VERY SMALL chin hair, that I will have to pluck. Lately there have been two. But I figure, no big deal, right? Just pluck them out and don't worry about it for another month.

So I'm looking in the mirror and I see some hair on my neck. At first it looks mostly blond, but as I look closer I see I have a beard. A man beard, with black hairs, on MY NECK.

My first thought was how come no one told me????

How come not one of my friends at church, just the day before, said to me:

"Michelle, I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but you have a little beard there."

Well okay, maybe my friends are too polite. But come on ladies.

Aren't we suppose to be able to tell each other when we have lipstick on our teeth, toilet paper on our shoe or that our skirt is tucked into our dress. Chin hair is no worse than that.

Now I have a bigger dilemma because I can't really pluck these hairs...I can barely see them. WHAT DO I DO? Do I grab three or four mirrors and position them in such a way that I can see everything but I'll throw my back out in the process? Do I grab a razor and close my eyes? Do I go for a wax? OUCH!

Second, where did they come from? Is it because I'm pregnant? Old? WHY?

Please tell me I'm not alone and that you have a solution for me.

And ladies, you know I will post a picture of hairy legs, but this is too much, so don't even ask.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help! I don't have that, but maybe it will happen to me....I do have the couple of hairs that I have to pluck regularly :-( ugh. I think hormones are to blame!

Yara said...

I say have Jeff get em for you. He already knows so he may as well help; right?

Trudy said...

I would totally have told you about them. I have a little persistent black hair that likes to keep growing back above my lip. Just one but it drives me nuts and is so hard to get at!

I hope you can get rid of it soon.

AMY said...

It must not really be that noticeable or I would have told you.
But if it bothers you and there is to many to pluck, I would go for the wax. I am sure it is hormone related and probably due to pregnancy.

Barbara said...

You are most certainly not alone. I'm 30 and am starting to see a few. It could be a combination of aging and the hormones from being preggie. Either way, cute post. Nice to read such honesty. -Barbara at

Rhonda said...

Well, for the love of Almighty God, you mean I have to start checking my neck??? How is this fair? With all that women have to put up with, now THIS???? It almost makes me want to go home and bitch-slap my husband out of spite.

I hope that razor comes soon, because it sounds like I'm going to need it!!

Sigh... Weep...

Kelly said...

Oh, this made me laugh out loud! I have really bad chin hair. I made my husband swear that when I'm really old and have lost my mind and I'm in the nursing home, that he will pluck it for me. Maybe yours is from the pregnancy. I'm not sure. I have no advice, I shave mine! I know, that's so bad! I can't believe I just admitted it!

Lena said...

It is due to pregnancy hormones. I had one on my stomache when I was pregnant with my first child... whew, at least I got spared with my other 2 pregnancies... good luck at getting to it..:))

Michelle said...

THANKS Amy...that's a true friend! LOL.

Kelly, glad I could give you a laugh today.

You gals are the best...I feel better now!

Jennifer said...

You crack me up!! Thanks for the laugh this morning :)

Milburns' said...

Never had a chin hair... but I get these big thick black hairs on my belly from time to time... heehee... Jerry just plucks them for me.

blush blush

The Royal Family said...

Ok seriously LOL
Blame pregnancy and hormones, can't go wrong there, I cried the other night simply because I was bored... you know what I blame for that? Bingo!

ok, so first you get hubs to help you, because razor sounds scary... and I got a bad visual of blood everywhere... otherwise get a friend to help you!

John, Janna, and Alana said...

I would have to go get that waxed. I had really bushy brows as a young woman and nobody told me how bad it was until about two weeks before I married!! One of my bridesmaids came to me very seriously and said, "there is something we all have wanted to tell you and feel that because you are about to have 1000 pictures taken at the wedding you should know.....your brows are like big bushes and you need to have them seen about." At first I laughed and then realized, she wasn't joking. I asked my dear fiance and he said, "I thought you like big brows." So, take advice from a girl who had no idea her best buds were 'concerned.' Waxing can be your best friend. The pain is worth it. good luck!

Becky said...

I am still digesting that we can get hair on our neck!
I am already mortified over the one (okay two) hairs that I secretely pluck off my chin!


Jessica Morris said...


I have two random hairs that grow on my chin. They grow quite long and are thick... it's weird.

My mum saw me plucking them one time and asked me about it. I told her that I had those two random hairs and she said SHE HAD THEM TOO!! Weirder.

Then I somehow was telling my grandparents about this hair and my grandpa said HE HAD TWO HAIRS ON HIS CHIN that grew longer than all the rest of his chin hair. SUPER weird!!

Just thought you might like to know about my families chin hair :)

Kara said...

I'm reading this a few months too late but trust me... I would have told you!!! I get SEVERAL and it's such a pain. I have not ever shaved (afraid of the "they grow back thicker and fuller" theory). I just tweeze the best I can and also use Sally Hanson facial hair remover cream. Love it!!