Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Giveaway--Button for your blog

Nope, I'm not doing an interview today...not till Friday. But isn't my button the cutest???? I love it. I love everything that Jen has made for me. She's fabulous.

I want to give one reader a chance to win a button for their blog.

You may wonder why you want one or what you would do with one. So I'm here to tell you. Aren't I always here for you?

First of all, I asked Jen to make my button for my interviews on Friday. You could do a similar button. Maybe you do store sales, or pictures of your kids, or the highlights from your week. She can design you a button to head your blog post with. How fun!


She can design you a little button for your sidebar. (I have one that she made for me like that, too.) Then if anyone wants to put your button on their blog, because they love you (hint, hint) then they just grab the code. And it's your calling card. Neat, huh?

Everyone needs one.

To enter just leave a comment. Any comment. Tell me what your button would be, or what you did last night, or the best meal you've cooked all month, or how wonderful I am as a mom and wife. Whatever you want.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

oh I would love this! :) I have a couple buttons made by friends to link to my adoption blog. I would probably have this one made to go to a blog to help us raise funds for our adoption of Jeremiah who has severe cerebral palsy and waits in taiwan till we can raise enough money! :) I love your blog and I do think you are a wonderful mom :) heehee And lets see last night we had a turkey tenderloin I managed to snag out of the clearance for quick sale bin :) I cooked it with peas and carrots and hash brown potatoes that kinda turned into mashed potatoes once done :) It was delicious :) It has been a crazy month so tha twas probably the best thing I have cooked all month!

Amy said...

Did you know that Jen is my childhood best buddy. She just made me a new button plus just updated my blog. I see what she has done for you and it looks great. Have a wonderful day...

Yara said...

ohohoh! I want a button! I may throw a tantrum if I dont get my own button.
Maybe my button would say "No one ever reads my blog" cuz well, who reads MY blog?
Or maybe my button should be um um I can't decide but a button would be fun!
And Michelle, you are a wonderful mom. And a wonderful friend.
And I think you guys should move to California so we can homeschool together and can together & cook together & blog together!

The Royal Family said...

I would love a button. I would use it on my bow blog because i'm trying to open a etsy shop and get that blog up and running and start selling hairbows! :)


Ashley said...

I'd love to win a button for my blog. :) That's a fun idea!!!

jenny said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog directing me here! I'd love a button that people can grab. I know now to do the graphic part, just not the code part, with the box for people to grab the code. That would be awesome!

Sounds like we have some similarities too.. I have four children, two of them born at home, and we homeschool too.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

I'm not sure if this is still an open giveaway ... but I would love a button from Jen ....I'd love her to do an entire blog makeover, but the last time I approached her, she was too busy .... BOO!