Monday, July 20, 2009

Boys ARE different from girls

I know the feminists would say that we make a boy into a boyish model...that the toys we give them or how we talk to them make them this way. Girlfriend, I am here to dispel this myth.

Now in full disclosure, we in no way, whatsoever, set out to prove that girls and boys are inherently the same. I'm just here to show you how they are different. We treat them differently. This stuff is INBORN!!!


The other day I was sitting on the couch and someone was playing the piano. I assumed it was Millicent and Asa because they enjoy making beautiful music and driving me crazy. I paid no attention to them. A few seconds later I hear Millicent say, "UH OH!"

Wondering what she was saying that about, I turn around. Sure enough, "UH OH!"

Asa is playing the piano alright..with his FEET. The boy is standing on the keys, trying with all his might to climb to the top of the piano, five feet in the air. When I got him down, he was mad.

SO? You say your daughter is a climber too? Does your daughter do this?

If he would have made it to the top of the piano, he would have stood up straight, bowed and then climbed down. YES, bowed. Because he doesn't care about being up there. His goal is getting there because it's a challenge. He does it all the time.


Asa's favorite hobby is eating dirt. It doesn't matter when, how or where the boy goes outside. He will immediately find the dirtiest spot and begin playing in it.

I have girls who have been spotless and girls who really don't care at all about being clean. But Asa takes the cake.

It's not that he doesn't care about being clean. NO, he gets covered, head to toe, in dirt or mud or whatever is out there.

IF there is a mud hole, he finds it. No one else saw it, but he did. If he's not covered in it, he's eating it. It's like his birthright or something.


So you're saying BIG DEAL. My daughter does that. Well does your daughter do this???

The other day Asa went into the kitchen and got two wooden spoons out. He brought them to his father.

Guess what he did with them? ONLY a mother of a boy knows the answer. He had a sword fight with his dad. He's 18 months. WHERE did he learn to have a sword fight??? NO girl in this house has EVER had a sword fight.


Lest you think that was some random fluke.

We were at McDonald's the other day and the children were playing in the play land.

Asa goes over to a boy about his age, twice his size, and pushes him. He was too close to his sisters. PUSHES HIM, for no reason, really. Oh, he got pushed back, and the moms said, be sweet. But it's in him. He naturally thinks about protecting his sisters from intruders. ALL THE TIME.


This last thing is so BOY that only moms of boys will understand this.

Ladies, it's the diapers.

My daughters NEVER EVER EVER did this.

Whenever you change a boys diaper, he goes diaper diving. You know what I mean. He twists, turns, pulls, tucks, did I say PULLS his goods. I have to tell you, it doesn't look pleasant.

No one told me about this. No one said to me that every single time I would change Asa's diaper he would play down there. I was told I might get sprayed. I wasn't told that it's a gold mine.

If he happens to have a toy in his hand, you know, to get the focus off his goods, it backfires. He just uses his toy to investigate. HOLY COW, I worry he'll break something. I have to take the toy away before something gets cut off.

No girl of mine ever did that. I'm not saying they weren't curious and didn't explore, but ladies, this isn't curiosity. THIS is something else.


What have you noticed about your boys that your girls don't do? I know there is more. I observed these just in the last few days. He is very, very different. Aren't you glad, though?

Wanted to let my winners know that last week I had migraines. I went to the doctor twice and the chiropractor once. I did not have a chance to mail your prizes. I will get them out tomorrow. SORRY!


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

heehee :) Now THIS is a post I can relate too! :) I have Noah, 2, now for 10 months and BOY have I learned alot about boys having a boy of my own for the first time! :) heehee I also keep a friens 3 year old and starting today I am helping out a dad whose wife left with 4 children, THREE BOYS! and we are working on our 2nd adoption of another boy. I am surrounded! lol I havea feeling my education is going to increase daily!


Kim said...

Now, mostly I agree with this. However, at age less-than-two I know a little girl who would "shoot" her daddy by making a gun with her hand. This same girl (a couple of years later) made a pretty impressive gun with leggos.

I agree with the differences, but I am also working on a blog post about how we get what we expect. This past week at VBS one little boy was excused of many rude and bad behavior because "he's just all boy". Sorry. I don't agree. A girl with the same behavior would have been in trouble. Why? Because girls aren't supposed to act that way. Anyway....we'll see if I ever finish the post :-)

Michelle said...

Kim, that sounds like an awesome post. I think you should do it.

I know what you are saying.

And there are things that some people let their boys get away with that you and I WOULD NOT. Just using the boy excuse doesnt cut it.

Really my post was meant to be funny though.

Trudy said...

Don't have kiddos of my own yet but taught preschool (including 0-18 months for 3 years) and I noticed there are definite differences, many of which you mentioned here!

Sorry to hear about the migraines, I get them too and know they are not fun at all. Hope you're feeling better now!

Jessica Morris said...

I only have boys, but they definitely play differently than my sister and I did :)
My two year old loves to "defend mama from bad guys" by shooting the imaginary bad guys.

Yara said...

my girls love swords.... ask for a sword whenever they see em, and also make anything into a sword like object
I'm just saying....
but then, Kevin is definitely different than the girls were. Talks different, plays different, has a built in love for cars (at 7 months!!!)
Okay... I got a txt & forgot where I was going with this...
oh yes
boys & girls are different!
I'm just glad K doesn't do the diaper thing. Instead he does the "I need to wiggle & squirm & get away from this right now even if it means I might fall off the changing table" thing : /

Jennifer said...

You are soooo right!! Loved this post :)

Madison said...

My son is 10 months old and eats EVERYTHING off the floow: carpet lint, dirt, leaves, etc. I have to watch him like a hawk!!! Too funny!

Ashley said...

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Beulah said...

Yes. Yes they are.
The stories I could tell. =)

Like this one:

Priscilla said...

i only have boys and they have been entirely different. One IS a climber - other did not. One "invesigates" - other did not. One eats dirt..other did not.

Kristin said...

My little dude is one and into EVERYTHING. Almost on a daily basis I ask my Mom if I did something that he's done and she says no but you're a girl.

Soon to be Mrs. M said...

So funny! Yes, God made us completely different...but in good ways!