Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday

I'm not going to post a scrapbook page today. Today I'm going to post a rant.

I love:

my children (like, duh)

scrapbooking (as you well know)

picture taking (taking you into new territory now)

taking creative pictures of my children (really focusin on their faces)

documenting our lives through pictures and scrapbooking

See how it all comes together? I take pictures so I have an historical document (sort of) of our adventures and fun times. But also so I can remember how cute Asa looks when he claps. And mostly so we can sit down together and say...Remember that day we went to the rodeo and Kati didn't listen to the instructions of the announcer so she was out there with this petrified look on her face when they released the calves and was too scared to do anything but stand there looking frightened and confused...cause really that's what she was, confused.

Yes, JUST like that.

I'm the photographer. And I'm not asking to change positions...I want to be behind the camera. I enjoy creating art. I get the picture just as I want it. When someone else takes it I complain. So best I do it.

But here's the rub. When I'm behind the camera I'm not in the moment. I"m trying to capture it.

I don't get to enjoy the moment. I may not even know what's going on in the moment. I have to go back and see the pictures or watch the video to see how cute Millicent looked on the stage, staring at the girl next to as she watched her do the signs for the song she was singing instead of looking at the teacher conducting them in the front.

How do I balance the two? How can I be in the moment, while documenting the memories? And I'm not just talking about taking pictures, I'm also talking about recording it sometimes too.

How do you balance the two????


Emily B said...

You set a limit for yourself. At an event, limit yourself to 10 pictures, then watch the rest. Or 20 pictures. Or 30 pictures, depending on how long the event is.

H.K. said...

That's why my husband's the photographer & record the moments in writing. I love Emily B' suggestion, limit yourself to how many pics. For me it's great to have a few pics, but I focus more in being in the moment and then writing it down

Patricia said...

OH! What a precious little person he is!

Wish I knew about being in the moment. I guess you just have to make a choice? We end up with very few pics because I hate messing with the camera!


Kelly said...

My dh is my balance. "Put down the camera already!" LOL

[johannah.] said...

Ha. See, for me, being behind the camera helps me be in the moment even more. I'm very socially awkward unless it's in front of my face.

pakosta said...

sadly, to be in the moment, I leave my camera home often. especially for functions, like plays etc....or I take a bunch of photos at the beginning then put it away....I also keep journals for my girls so I can reflect on what I really want them to know and remember about their lives. Really LOOK through your lense as you are snapping photos and really THINK about what it is you are wanting to capture.
I say just make a balance between capturing on film and trying to be in the moment. LIke maybe take photos for half of an event or something!

Michelle said...

Thank you all for the ideas. I think I'm going to use several of the ideas....

Limit myself to a certain number and take them at the beginning or end. AND/or let Hannah take all the pictures. LOL. You up for that Hannah????

Yes, Jeff won't take the pictures...he likes being in the moment too much.