Monday, April 20, 2009

TO Hannah: You get the credit

See this picture? Oh my, don't I have a cute little three year old? Yesterday she said she wanted to read a book with words, not pictures, because she's a big girl. This picture sums up her attitude.

And see this one? Asa doesn't walk but doesn't this picture capture the essence of him learning?

And look at this one. I can just feel his sweet kisses and hugs...and man, is he ever a hugger and kisser...this is the look he gets first.

And this face? OH my goodness, how sweet and funny. It's a new look. He doesn't normally do this face.

But this face. WOW! This is the BEST picture ever taken of Asa. EVER! And I got his pictures made every month the first year of life. This is the BEST! And you know who took it? NOT ME! It was Hannah...Nana, as she's known around here by her pseudo siblings. So, there you go.


Kris said...

Such ADORABLE pictures of the kids! You captured some great moments there for sure.

Michelle said...

Well, yeah..adorable kids. What can I say?

eally said...

Love these pictures!! They are great!