Friday, March 13, 2009

Well who's gonna fix that tooth?

Finally got to watch Survivor. Have I complained today about how much I hate the digital transition. I'm about to get satellite. Which company is best?

Stop reading if you haven't watched. Here are my reflections on this, the fifth episode of Survivor.

Taj is putting a lot of faith both in the foursome plan, and in trusting Stephen with the immunity. I'm not sure I would have let him have it. And did you hear her evil laugh as she discussed the four of them.

I began to think either Taj or Brendan were going home based on all the air time they were getting about their secret alliance. I'm glad neither did.

When Sierra and Brendan were in camp talking about their alliance, it was like a horror flick. I was waiting and waiting for Jason to come up behind them with his hockey mask...or in this case, Coach with his stick. Whew! Too intense.

So when they get to the challenge and they find out Sandy was gone, Coach says, "It's only a matter of time." WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT? Maybe he said, it WAS only a matter of time. But that doesn't make any more sense to me. Coach is so weird. Why weren't they thinking of voting him he's a downer.

Did anyone besides me think the Charmin commercial was hilarious. (We call product placement within TV show and movies commercials.) WHO CARES about toilet paper at this point? However, if Charmin wants to mosey on over to my blog and offer some of my readers some kind of prize package, I'll be happy to be a commercial for them.

I thought it really went to show what a gentleman Brendan was when he let Taj go for the reward. It also showed his hand and he's lucky to still be in the game.

Speaking of that challenge...WHEW! My stomach hurt just watching the spinning and spinning. Makes me want to take the girls outside and spin them for a minute and make them walk around. Hilarious! Don't you think? Hey, free entertainment.

Did you hear poor JT when he was reading his letter from home? His mom has only told him she loves him about three times. I'm telling my kids I love them today.

Made it all the more sad when he got so mad about losing. But wouldn't you have??? The man LOST A TOOTH for the challenge. LOST A TOOTH and kept playing. Man alive. But he's still no Rupert.

I really thought Taj might go home. (I had a tough time at the challenge because I didn't know who to go for, knowing that Taj and Brendan would be the first choices for going home, on their teams.) It was surprising and STUPID that she didn't play the idol. I mean, she even said she felt like she might be going home.

PEOPLE ON SURVIVOR: USE the immunity idol. That's what it's there for. USE IT. Don't save's not a souvenir for your time on the island. Losing 50 lbs is your souvenir. I can only recall one person using it; the others were blind sided. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Who remembers that big black guy...what was his name...Grave Digger. Could have saved himself. But no...saved the idol instead.

I really liked Spencer. I wonder why they chose him over that blond girl. I don't even know her you? DO THEY?

Did anyone see Spencer push Taj's hand off his knee at the end?

Brendan better be more careful from here on out. I hope he doesn't get sent to exile again. Taj, well, she better stop trusting Stephen so much, because he's not all the way on board.

Next week will hopefully send Coach home. Oh wait, next week is basketball. PHOOEY. Who cares abut basketball. Is anyone tired of sports besides me? Never you mind that OSU is playing some kind of game where they are winning and stuff. (That's Jeff's Alma mater for those that don't know.) I want Survivor.

How about you? What did you think of this episode? Any predictions for the next one?


Queenie Jeannie said...

Now I'm going to have to watch it on my computer because I apparently missed things you saw, lol!

I was sad and surprised to se Spencer go. I can't believe he's gay!! He is so handsome!! I thought Taj was going for sure because she really ran her mouth - STUPIDLY - that whole afternoon. You just can't do that on Survivor, especially when your team is going to Tribal Council that night!! HELLO???

Why do people do such stupid things? What's this? Season 200 or something? YES! I was also surprisd about Taj not using the immunity idol!! STUPID!

I don't like Coach but I dislike "Assistant Coach" even more. I could do without both of them actually!

I think I'm rooting for the brunette with glasses, or the skinny blonde model. But are flying under the radar, playing smart, and are underestimated!! Girl Power!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!

[johannah.] said...

You get a little too caught up in this show. :]

Celeste said...


Just wanted to pop-in to thank you for entering a past giveaway I had on my blog - I would like to inform you of another giveaway I have open right now (Girl's Paisley Swing Top)! Winner will be announced on 3/20 - so enter by the 19th :) Also - I've got future giveaways planned, so keep a look out!

God Bless,

Michelle said...

Jeannie, yes, to all that. LOL

Hannah, NO.

Blonde, thanks for visiting.

Celeste, I'll be over in a bit!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Next to LOST, this is my favoritest (yes that's a word!)show!!!

How long do you think before a merge? I say 2-3 weeks.

I DO NOT think that 4 way alliance is going to last. Brendan is a SNAKE!

"Assistant Coach" needs to keep his clothes on at all times. He is sooo skinny, and yeah, uh, UN-attractive.

I'm tired so that's all I've got right now.

DawnS said...

What no survivor this week? How did I miss that? And Coach - he creeps me out, seriously!

Michelle said...

oh JEANNIE, you cannot utter those words about Brendan on my blog. NEVER!

I think the alliance will work though...I HOPE cause it's a really good idea.

oh man, asst coach isnt the only one needing to keep his clothes on all the time!

Dawn, it's basketball season. Bleck!