Friday, March 27, 2009

Party-Day 5

I'm having fun with Yara, don't get me wrong....but come on! Join in the fun. Even if you don't really want to win you can still play...pretty please, just for me.

Also, a plea. I have some comments on moderation from the other day. They were sent to my old computer, which I can't even get turned on at the moment. Anyone know how to get those comments? But not the ones from the first day, because I don't want anyone seeing those yet.

Don't forget you have until Sunday at Midnight to play. So scan back through the week and enter them all. Hey, isn't free, free?

Today is my final giveaway. I kind of think this one is the best.

I'm giving away pregnancy test strips (AKA internet cheapies) or OPK strips.

A friend of mine has a website where she sells them; just trying to make a little money to stay at home with her kiddos. It's called Another Blessing. She is a Christian mom who loves kids. Her price is right and she ships immediately. She has given me some free test strips to pass on to you. Altogether you will get 20.

Here is Amy's blog. Go show her some love.

My final contest should go out with a bang...I thought of having the 63rd commenter win the prize because that just sounds fun...63 is 28 plus 35 which is Jeff's birthday (tomorrow plus his age tomorrow) but I'm afraid no one will ever win. SO.....

Tell me how obsessed you can get when you are trying to conceive. How many tests have you taken in the two week wait (2WW), etc?

I can tell you...I get plenty obsessed. It's like if I can take the test early enough I'll be pregnant. This cycle slowed me down. I didn't want to see another negative so I didn't test as early as I usually do. But I really use Amy for cheap tests.

Don't forget, if you have a contest on your blog, let us know.


holly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Michelle said...

Holly many kids she had, so I had to delete her comment. Though I did get her original comment.

here is what else she said:

Also, pregnancy tests??! Love them!!!!!!!I have been known to test 2 times a day for a couple of weeks. Crazy, huh?

Future Mama said...

My goodness!! You have a lot of kiddos!! Haha! So does my mom though! I'm the oldest of 5, but we're way spread out, my youngest sister is 3!! You have such a beautiful family! And ok I'm going to answer this question:

Funny thing is we've never been TTC, but I've spent soooo much money on pregnancy test because I think I am! I've gotten so much better at it lately cause I've actually been trying to keep track of my cycle for once! Oh, and let me tell you... It's going to be SO ON when we are TTC! I might as well go to the dollar store and stalk up! I will get that book you speak of... I'm excited to read it now, and I'll for sure buy it through your portal! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Michelle said...

Taking Charge of your Fertility is the best book I've read on either getting pregnant or trying not to...which I never do...try not to. LOL

Mama Kat said...

Look how much fun you're having over here! I LOVE taking pregnancy test...not many things match that excitement. Especially when you weren't trying. :)

Thanks for your sweet comment today! I love that you call yourself a Jesus Freak. You had me laughing out loud.

scrappysue said...

your blog is cute! thanks for stopping by

Jen said...

Hi Michelle!

My hubby and I are just starting to "talk" about TTC! We want to start really trying this Summer! You know trying to plan it around the school year since I'm a teacher! So those little pregnancy tests will come in handy!!

I've had a busy and tiring week but it looks like you've been having lots of fun over here!!

Oh and the comment question! If you go to your dashboard, (once you are in your layout page you can see the link on the upper right corner) You will see a link that says Moderate comments there! Hope that helps!


Kelly said...

I've never TTC. But I would like to start in July. Dh isn't ready though, so we'll see.

ForestGreen said...

Hi! We've been TTC for years now. I probably should own stock in the drug companies. I love the idea of buying them at the dollar store.. That TOTALLY, like, makes sense!