Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Party-Day 3

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

WHERE WERE YOU YESTERDAY? Oh that's right, I was gone. Well you see, I had computer problems. My computer has been dropped and stepped on so many times that the computer tech (where my hero took it in) said he didn't know how the thing was continuing to work. Well I could of told him that it barely did. So now I have a new computer but all my old stuff, passwords, email addresses, saved blogs, all on the other computer that I can't even get to turn on. And even if I could turn it on it will take hours to get all that stuff transferred. Someone please invent a device that quickly and simply transfers information through a cord to the other computer. If anyone has any suggestions to do it quickly PLEASE tell me.

Monday the scavenger hunt went quite well. Kori won. When she brought me the items she had found I gave her two pieces of candy and asked if I should give some to her sisters, whereupon she said yes (or she knew Millicent would be begging her for some). Then I gave her a prize. I asked if she was willing to pay for her sisters to get a prize (you know, the matching T-shirts, again) with that extra candy. Sure enough, she did. Then I gave it back to her. Wasn't that nice of me? Well she was nice first.
I told them they have to guess the theme and that if they did they would get an extra prize. Only one guess a day.

They had green shirts. Then I gave them jelly bean candy with a bunny on them. This time I'll give them some Cadbury eggs.

Okay, on to today's contest. I've been getting everyone's entries for the Duggar books and you gals are CRACKING me up. Keep 'em coming. We don't have a definitive winner yet. The contest runs till Sunday midnight.

Do you babywear? I do. I also collect slings and wraps. Today I have a Rebozo to give away. (And I do so apologize that there wasn't a contest yesterday.) You can read how to tie a Rebozo on Babywearing. This is a BEAUTIFUL sling (I can't get my font to go back, whadya know???) handmade from a lady on One side is not sewed (is sewed a word or should it be sewn?) The picture DOES NOT do it justice.

Here is whatcha gotta do:

Tell me one reason why you love babywearing.

Tell me one reason you don't like babywearing.

Show a picture of you babywearing. (Just share the link with us...and be ready for some visits. Right? We're all going to show some bloggy love!)
If you don't have a picture, take one. If you don't feel like taking one, you can still enter, I guess.
Here is a picture of me wearing Asa. (Sorry the quality isn't great...we were on a business trip with the business person actually away doing business, leaving the tripper at the hotel room with the baby and a brand new wrap to try out.)


Beulah said...

ohhh! This would make a fabulous gift, but I think I'll be stingy and keep it for myself for future babies and baby watching. I love to borrow babies.

I love having my hands free to do other things and having the baby so close.

I'm not such a fan of the extra weight once they get bigger.

Are these more comfy than the front packs? Slings have gotten so much cooler since my boys were itty bitty.

Kelly said...

I already posted a blog with me babywearing this week I like baby wearing because of the closeness of it, and I really belive that having baby with me at all times is greatly benificial to his upbringing. I dislike it because I am addicted to it, I wear ds ALL the time, but I only have one sling, which tends to get dirty sometimes, so I get frustrated with not having one while it's in teh washer. Makes me wonder why I didn't just train him to like to sit by himself (not really)

Angel said...

I love wearing baby because she NEEDS to be held all the time even now at 1 year, i dont like that she is so heavy now!

The Muse said...

WOW...they had nothing like this when I had my "young uns"...
I feel cheated LOL

I do want to say that I think your Party ideas with your children are really quite lovely !!

Michelle said...

Beulah, I have NOT forgotten about your book. Last week we were down to one vehicle, which of course Jeff had to take. Then my computer problems. Now no address. Could/would you send it to me again for my new computer?

I think they are a lot more comfy than the front packs. It may not seem it because it's more one shouldered with the slings, but it does distribute across the back.

I saw your post Kelly. LOL

Angel, I feel you!

Muse, thanks!

Susana la Banana said...

How beautiful!

I have loved babywearing since my son was just a couple months old and it was the ONLY time he would take a nap, so I love babywearing for the naptime solace it offered both of us. Also I love that snuggly baby-mama dyad feeling, that reminds you how connected you really are to each other. Plus, it's so practical! =)

I dislike how easily my back DOES get sore, even though I know I'm doing everything right, now that my son is edging towards 3 and is BIG.

And here's a link to a post with one of my favorite babywearing wearing my son and the little guy I took care of for awhile! =)

Thanks for offering up such a lovely gift!

becky @ misspriss said...

I LOVE babywearing. When my son was really tiny, it was great for closeness, yet I could still have my hands free to get things done. He's bigger now, but I still love to have him close to me, and to relieve my arms a bit when he just wants to be held. I don't like that it's getting a little harder because he's so strong and wiggly! He's sleeping right now, so I can't take a picture. But suffice it to say I do absolutely encourage everyone to try babywearing.

PS) I love butterflies and adore that pattern. So cute!