Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Monday

I have a few things to talk about today. Have you hear of Bzz? A while back they sent me a bottle of Palmolive Pure and Clear to try. While I was trying it in the kitchen I ran across a blog with a wonderful idea. (Sorry blog other computer had the link to your idea...try not to sue me for idea theft. That's a thing, right?)

They also sent me some samples to pass out. (So if you were lucky enough to win one of my contests, which I will get to in just a sec, you will get a sample with your prize.)

I took one sample package and used it to fill my empty soap dispenser. Seen here:

Sure foams! Sorry the picture isn't more clear.

What I like about Palmolive Pure and Clear:

1. It smells great. AND the smell lingers on your hands for a little while. One day after washing my hands with it I kept smelling something. I could not figure out where the smell was coming from. I started sniffing all around. Yep, you guessed it, my hands. For me that's a positive because I love smells, but it may not be for all.

2. It makes my hands unbelievably smooth and soft. It was almost like putting lotion on. I couldn't believe that. I mean, yea, I watched Marge wash her hands in it all those years, but really? REALLY!

3. I like that they claim to be green.

What I didn't like:

1. I couldn't find the ingredient list ANYWHERE. I searched the website, and I searched the internet. Didn't find it anywhere. That leaves me a little worried. I think it's probably NOT as green as they claim or they would be displaying their list. It's better than other brands you could buy, but probably not as green as my current brand.

Now if you are interested in trying out products and sharing with your friends, check out Bzz. Also, if you are interested in donating $5 to charity, or trying to win an Amazon gc, go to Chat Threads.

Enter conversation ID: 101-256-396195 and tell them about our conversation on the dish soap. (Please. Thank you.)

Now on to the WINNERS.

Duggars book:

First off, NO, dogs and goats don't count...but you sure did crack me up. Especially those of you who dress your dogs up...and admitted it.

The winner is my very good friend Holly.

I'm glad to send the book to her. I've known Holly since High School, although we lost touch for many years. In fact, we just found each other on Facebook not too long ago. She is an amazing mom of eight. She loves the Lord. She is smart and funny. I would give out her blog address, but she's all private and weird and stuff. GO figure!

The sling:

Becky who says she loves babywearing. Her favorite part is having her little one close but she said it's getting harder as he's so big and wiggly. I can agree.

Visit Becky and leave her a comment, but it doesn't look like she does a whole lot of blogging.

Book grab bag:

Still open. Play with me! Even if you don't want the books, come play the game.

Pregnancy or OPK's:


She's also a friend of mine who loves the Lord. She's a great mommy with beautiful kids. Click on her link to congratulate her and look at those kiddos. She said she should be TTC this summer.

Everyone email me off-list with your addresses and I'll get these things out tomorrow.


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Congrats to the winners!

I will have to try that soap trick. You're probably right about the ingredients, though. Why wouldn't it be easy to find?

becky @ misspriss said...

thank you! I don't blog a lot on blogspot, but more on my regular site, which has its own domain.