Thursday, February 12, 2009

Survivor Aggravation

Any Survivor fans out there?

You may have noticed I didn't make my predictions for this season...which, for the record, are almost always right.

The reason for that is because, thanks to the DTV switch, my local CBS station went off the air. Since I live a million miles out in the country, and we don't have a big antenna, I can't pick up the digital signal with my handy-dandy digital box. I can't tell you how furious I would be if I would have had to pay for that thing. As it was, I used my coupon online and got it for free.

And even though they have pushed the date back to June, my local station must not have gotten the memo.

SO, no Survivor for me. THIS IS SO LAME. I cannot put it into words.

I guess I'll try to catch it on YouTube. (CBS will not play on my computer.) But really, it's not the same to watch it in a little tiny square box, compared to a big TV.

Anyone else already having problems with the digital conversion? And anyone else have any predictions? But please no spoilers...I do plan to watch. And I'll post my predictions first, before watching. I was just so upset that I couldn't bare to look at the contestants. Well that's not exactly true. I had so much going on this past week, that I got half way through them and never had time to get back to it. But I will. And I'll be right.


Composing Hallelujahs said...

have you ever heard of Torrents? the way i understand it is that it's kind of like file sharing, but with tv. we download the shows that don't come in well (they are usually up the day after a show airs) and then we can watch them full screen and good quality when we want.

blackbird said...

Oh no!
Well, they've got a week to fix it...good luck!

Michelle said...

Torrents look like a pay per view site...????

Thanks blackbird. LOL.