Friday, February 13, 2009

My Survivor Picks

Sorry for the influx of posts these last two days. I have to get my picks out for the world to see so I can watch it.

I have to wonder, what's up with the gay Mormon's on Survivor, last season and now this season. Also, two gay guys this season, and there were two last season.

There are a lot of contestants that I like...I may not call it right this time.

My final four:

Brendan--He started Bear Naked, a wonderful organic company that I really like.

Sierra or Sydney (though I'm leaning towards Syndey here)--Both models. Pretty girls ALWAYS ride coattails, but I think we'll see Sydney actually using her brain and doing some controlling.

Stephen--He may win this game. I'll know better after watching an episode or two.

Jerry--If he can reign in his bossiness, he is the for sure winner. But being that he is a sargent and used to being in control, I'm just not sure.

Some other favorites:

Carolina--I have NO doubt she will ride coattails, possibly to the final four.

Debra--I REALLY like her. But her bubbly personality may well get her in trouble with the other contestants.

Joe--Seems down to earth.

JT--Much like Joe only with a manipulative spirit. He said he would play the stupid country boy if it will help him win.

Anyone else watching Survivor? Who are your picks?


Diana said...

Did you watch yet? I don't want to be the spoiler, but one of your doubtless convictions proved incorrest... won't say which till I know you watched.

Michelle said...

Diana, are you a fan???

NO I still havent watched, but I've been online this last hour trying to get it to play. I CANNOT.

I cant get CBS to stream...and the quality on Youtube is so bad that I can't even make out faces. ARGGGG!


CynthiaK said...

Boy, do I feel out of touch. Never gotten into Survivor...

Thanks for stopping by Crumbs, though!